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The simple art of giving

Published on November 20, 2020 at 20:01 / Updated on December 9, 2020 at 3:16

Kindness is a word that is increasingly more present in our lives. And incorporating it into our daily lives is easier than you think. Offering someone your time, a warm thought, or a helping hand costs nothing and makes everyone happing, whether you are at the giving or receiving end. Here are some ideas to inspire kind gestures.

Pay it forward

We all own a bunch of items we don’t use anymore, but they’re still in good shape. When doing housework, just put aside those things that might have a second life elsewhere, that others might actually enjoy. This could be clothing, books, decorative items, children's toys, baby items and more; you just have to go around and consider which items would please whom.

Involving your children in this process is a good approach to help them realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have as many toys or as much clothing as they do. By selecting certain items that they want to give away, it's a great way to teach them the importance of giving.

Time is precious

Some are always looking for help and others always offer a little more. What if you switched things around? What about that friend who is always ready to babysit your dog? What are their needs? What if you could bring in their firewood? Repot their plants? Don’t wait until you’re asked: spontaneous offer of help will have the greatest impact. And if no help is needed, the idea that someone is there for you is immensely reassuring.

Helping a parent fold their laundry, a friend to wash their windows or a neighbour to remove snow from their driveway, these are simple things that only take an hour or two and make all the difference. And let's add that grandparents who offer to look after children so that parents can enjoy some quality time, is always a precious gift!

Cooking happiness

Cook someone's favourite food and take it to them. It’s as easy as that. Here’s an idea that costs almost nothing, but will make someone happy for several days. Do you want to know a trick to making people happy even more often? Just double your recipe for today’s meal and take a dish to someone you know is feeling overwhelmed or who might seem down. This could be carrot soup, banana bread, or a bowl of chilli. It doesn't have to be complicated; it’s the thought that counts.

Cooking is more than the perfect option for parents who are looking for indoor activities to do with their children on rainy or very cold days. Have fun baking a cake, cut it into four pieces, wrap the pieces up and presto! Go deliver some happiness!

Caring words on paper

With today’s reliance on computers and smartphones, it is increasingly rare to receive a handwritten letter from a loved one. Yet the post office remains the best way to send words of affection. Taking the time to send a little handwritten note on a card definitely nurtures friendships and makes the recipient's day more special. Do you want to do a little more? Slip in a photo that reminds them of a good time you’ve spent together, the last novel you loved or a gift card so that the other person can treat themselves.

Those with children can get them involved by asking them to draw a picture or to decorate the envelope.

Call someone for no reason at all

We often call others to ask for something, to get information, or because the calendar reminds us that it's Mother's Day or Christmas, for example. Taking the time to call just to talk about anything and nothing happens much less often. Yet it is a moment of sweet generosity and time well spent. Think about talking to each other about the week’s events and to laugh about things together, discussing the news in more depth, and getting details that texts can’t provide. Above all, you’ll get to hear the voices of the people you adore. These are small things you can do that always do a lot of good.

For a cause

The art of giving is simple. Just take the time to take the time. And to give. Stop and take care of those in need. And if you want to reach out, there are several causes that will be grateful for your generosity.

Between Familiprix and Opération Enfant Soleil, it is a matter of the heart. For us, children are the society of tomorrow and their health is our preoccupation. For these reasons, we encourage you to give to the cause of children in need. If you want to add your share of generosity, visit our How To Donate page to see the different ways you can provide some sunshine to sick children.

In collaboration with Vie de Parents

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