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Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Perfect Gel Manicure

Published on June 10, 2022 at 14:42

Want a professional-looking manicure but would like to have fun doing it yourself? Tadam! We have the solution for you. Learn how to get a salon-quality gel manicure in the comfort of your own home!

How to Get a Professional Manicure at Home With Looky

The secret is to use quality products and follow the right techniques. Thanks to Looky, anyone can become a nail artist! Since the 3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish formula contains a protective base coat plus a top coat, it saves precious time, so you can say goodbye to the extra steps and achieve a manicure that can last up to 2 weeks. Perfect for busy people (young moms, we're thinking of you)! Moreover, Looky gel nail polish is available in over 550 colours to suit all tastes. We really couldn't ask for more! Here are the steps to follow to get beautiful nails.

Step #1: Pushing Back the Cuticles

Looky Cuticle Softener Looky Multifunction Manicure Tool

In order to achieve a great manicure, proper preparation is essential! This will ensure a better application and improve the staying power of the gel polish. Start by applying a thin layer of Cuticle Softener and leave it on for two minutes, then gently remove it with a cotton pad. This product softens cuticles and dead skin in addition to moisturizing. Then, gently push back the cuticles with the Multifunction Manicure Tool. You can also cut them with a cuticle cutter if needed, but be careful not to hurt yourself. And there you go–the first step is done!

Step #2: Buffing the Nails

Looky Polishing Block 120/120

This very soft nail buffer is designed to gently polish the nails without damaging them. Simply buff them lightly to create a texture for the gel to adhere to. This technique also helps to create a more even surface and correct any irregularities that can be hard to spot with the naked eye. The secret is in the details!

Step #3: Preparing the Nail Surface

Looky Primer

Before applying your gel polish, it's important to make sure that no natural oil remains on your nails. Looky Primer removes any residue to help the gel adhere better. Apply this product to each nail, as well as to the cuticles. It's important to let it air dry for a few seconds. Now we can move on to the best part: the colour!

Step #4: Applying the Colour of Your Choice and Catalyzing Under the UV Lamp

Looky 3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish Looky Deluxe 48-54W LED/UV Lamp

Now for the step everyone loves! Seeing as Looky 3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish does not require a base or top coat, you can directly apply 2 to 3 thin coats of colour to achieve the desired opacity. Each layer is then cured for 60 seconds with the UV nail lamp. Featuring an automatic motion sensor and timer of 10, 30, and 60 seconds, it's large enough to fit a hand or foot, and takes only a minute to cure the gel. Simple, fast, and effective! Your manicures and pedicures can now last up to 2 weeks. It really makes you want to get creative and experiment with pretty nail designs!

Step #5: Moisturizing Hands and Cuticles

Looky Hand & Cuticle Oil

The little extra step that makes all the difference for a gorgeous at-home manicure: moisturizing! Looky Hand & Cuticle Oil is available in 5 luxurious fragrances, and contains a blend of Jojoba Oil and Vitamins E & B to deeply nourish the skin. Massage your hands and cuticles, and admire your beautiful shiny nails!

Removing Gel Nail Polish Before a New Manicure

There are two Looky solutions for removing gel nails. Both techniques are highly effective, so it's all about going with your preference! Let's take a closer look at the two methods.

Option 1: Looky Miracle Remover

Looky Miracle Remover


This magical, odourless product is a real must-have when it comes to the 3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish, allowing for quick removal without damaging the nails. No time is wasted with Looky! Simply apply the nail polish remover evenly to the surface of the nail, then leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes (convenient for express removal!). Then remove the gel residue with a stick, or the Multifunction Manicure Tool. Note that the jelly-like texture is normal, and that the more layers of gel polish you apply, the more you will have to repeat this step. That's it! You can wear new colours as often as you like. Nail art alert!

Option 2: Looky Steam-off Device

Looky Steam-off Device

Say hello to the all-new steam nail polish remover for regular polish and gel nails! This easy to use, fast, and efficient device works with all acetone-soluble nail polishes, such as gel, acrylic, and regular nail polish. One of the great advantages of this method is that since the fingers do not touch the acetone, it's harmless and therefore perfect for thin, fragile, and brittle nails. In addition, the rubber seals prevent the vapours from escaping, avoiding unpleasant odours. Another point for Looky! Depending on the number of coats you wear, removal can take as little as 12 minutes.

How to Use:

  • File down and buff the first coat of nail polish;
  • Pour 5 to 10 ml of acetone into the plastic container and place it in the machine;
  • Turn on the machine, the red “H” light will light up;
  • After 3 minutes, the green "S" light will light up, indicating that the steam is on. Place your fingers in the holes;
  • Do not touch the liquid acetone, the steam will do all the work!
  • After 10 minutes, remove your fingers, then gently scrape off the gel polish with a manicure stick or the Looky Multifunction Manicure Tool. Be sure to remove the polish quickly before it dries;
  • Repeat these steps as needed, as some gels are easier to remove than others;
  • Turn off the machine and empty the acetone container;
  • Now you can move on to a new colour, or enjoy your healthy, natural nails!

With products and techniques that are so handy and easy to use, “me time” is at your fingertips! Will you opt for a more classic look with your favourite gel polish shade, or will you dare to show off a more extravagant manicure?

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