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Tips and tricks to simplify your daily family life

Published on September 16, 2021 at 12:00 / Updated on September 17, 2021 at 14:18

The hectic pace of everyday life can sometimes become overwhelming! Familiprix would like to offer some tips and tricks to help you maintain control, spend quality time with your family and reduce your stress level – all of which will help make your life easier.

Why do you run out of time?

You want to do everything, and do it perfectly. Performance anxiety then comes along like a bad traveling companion. One thing is for certain, a balanced family life must depend on your own values and not on those of the neighbour.

It’s impossible to maintain impeccable housekeeping, multiple activities for everyone, and restaurant-worthy meals every night. Keeping a family organized inflicts physical and mental stress. But we can fix that!

Some simple organizational tips to put into practice

If the workload gets too heavy, there are things that can be moved, delayed, even abandoned. Everything is a matter of priority.

Manage your schedule better

by sharing tasks between spouses—if  you’re not doing this already. This alone will make the atmosphere more relaxed. And to save time, you have the right to cut corners.

No time to tidy up the living room? Well then, do it later. No time to fold the laundry? It can stay in the basket a few days longer. No time to make something to eat? There are a ton of fast food and great meal options available in grocery stores, restaurants and even delivery. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a difference.

This ability to let go enables you to grab two or three precious hours to enjoy a pleasant activity like a having a picnic in the park, going for a bike ride, or going to the movies…

Make lists and keep a calendar

An easy tool that works is to keep a paper or magnetic calendar, in plain view, with plenty of space to write things down so nothing is forgotten. Use a colour code for each member of the family.

It should include essential tasks and well as outings as a couple or with children to enjoy the reward at the end of the road.

Write down what needs to be done in a diary, on the calendar or on a piece of paper, and when it's done, cross it off! It's motivating. 

Browse the weekly flyers to quickly visualize what purchases you need to make. You can also jot down upcoming activities, events and tasks for the next few days and weeks. It will help you be better organized and thus save time.

Keep your priorities, like exercise

For children, these include homework, bath time, appointments, and essential activities. For parents, it involves taking regular breaks and breaking the routine.

Familiprix encourages you to find time to exercise, which is a way to enjoy a real health break, both physical and mental. Exercise restores your energy and acts as an antidepressant. Ready? Get set. Go!

Simplify meals

By preparing meals for the week. Set some time aside to do everything at once. For example, three hours at the stove to concoct two or three dishes, sides, cookies or muffins for the week.

By getting ahead. If long periods of making meals scare you, plan ahead when preparing dinner:

  • Make double portions so that you can store one in the freezer for later use.
  • If you have rice or bulgur on the menu, make more and keep it as a side dish for other meals.

Work overload: exhaustion will set in soon

Reducing your work hours a bit or changing your schedule, even temporarily, can help a lot. With an accommodating boss, nothing is impossible.

If the commute to work is taking too long, you may need to work more at home. Have you considered this?

Don't let work interfere with family life. Teleworking is sometimes very practical but know how to keep a normal work schedule without spilling over into supper, homework or bath time.

Seek help

Family and friends can also take over from time to time. Go do some shopping, pick up your children from daycare or school, and feed them if you’ll get home later because of the traffic...

Why not call in an efficient young babysitter to manage the difficult period from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.? Their mandate could be to pick up the children, feed them snacks and get them to do their homework. This way, there’ll be just that much less to do when you get home.

There are surely support networks in your area, as well as homework and respite organizations to allow you to breathe. And if you feel that the load is getting too heavy, don’t hesitate to contact a healthcare professional!

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