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Tips for rejuvenating makeup

Published on May 25, 2023 at 11:55 / Updated on July 17, 2023 at 14:19

Let’s face it. Many of us love taking the time to care for our skin and look our very best with makeup.  But are the techniques and products we used in our twenties and thirties still adequate for us as we age?

Proper skincare

It is proven that the older we get, the more our skin loses its moisture, suppleness and firmness. That's why it's important to have a proper skincare routine 10 to 15 minutes before applying makeup. By waiting to put on your makeup, you will see that instead of feeling like you are wearing a mask, the sensation of having new skin is palpable. Your skin will also be more receptive to makeup. You’ll look better than ever!

Less is more

When it comes to makeup for more mature skin, people often say: "The older you get, the more you have to wear!" You'll be relieved to know that this statement is absolutely false. In fact it's quite the opposite. We advise you to opt for lightweight, translucent formulas. Liquid textures will blend much better with your skin tone and give you a more natural look. Nowadays, you can find high-coverage products with fine, delicate textures.

Define your eyes and don’t weigh down your skin

Over the years, people tend to lose some tone in their faces, which leads to a droopy look. Many people believe that to enhance their eyes, they need to apply even more makeup using a very dark pencil line, often black. This will only make your eyes look heavier and smaller. Opt for a brown liner instead of black; it will be much softer and more natural. Next, make sure that you apply the pencil to half of the upper lash line and then blend it lightly. The idea is to create subtle definition, so your pencil strokes should not be visible. It's best not to apply anything to the lower lash line to maintain a lifting effect.

Say yes to eyebrows

Another thing that unfortunately happens as we age is that we lose hair, including with our eyebrows. To define eyebrows that are thinning, you will find many products: wood pencils, tinted gels, powders, waxes, etc. A more defined eyebrow will give your face a more youthful and well-groomed effect.

Moisturized and plumped lips

For your lips, we suggest products that have a bit of luster and transparency. These will give your lips a more volumizing effect and moisturize them well. Avoid using too much makeup on the lips with matte and dark products, as they will only accentuate fine lines and dryness.

Open your eyes

One trick to defining and widening your eyes is definitely when applying your mascara. Opt for a lengthening formula and a brush to separate each lash well. Choosing a mascara with a small, stiff brush will help with definition, and, most importantly, the amount of mascara that is applied to your lashes. Don't hesitate to remove clumps by pinching your lashes with your fingers or by using an eyelash comb.

Bright eyes

Keep in mind the effect eyeshadows can have on your eyes. Yes, using matte eyeshadows can look great, but you can also opt for a brighter effect. It is important to use a luminous product with a very delicate texture, and above all, without any glitter. Only apply eye shadow on your eyelid. Cream-based eyeshadows are very easy to apply and long-lasting.

As you can see, it's not rocket science to change your beauty habits and techniques to ensure a fresh, luminous and rejuvenating look. A few changes in your products and application are key. But you can effortless achieve a gorgeous look!

By Jean-François Casselman-Dupont in collaboration with Familiprix.

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