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At Familiprix Inc., employees work in a healthy and dynamic work environment, which allows them to leverage their talents in a well-established company. Thanks to their unwavering dedication and amazing achievements, Familiprix employees are proud to contribute to the success of the company and widespread presence across the province.
As a health destination, we believe that pharmacy can play a bigger role and make an impact in people’s lives. This belief drives us every day and encourages us to surpass ourselves.

We share three values that guide our daily action. We foster: a humane approach, innovation and patient health.

Careers at Familiprix's headquarters

Located in Québec City, our headquarters is home to a multidisciplinary team of over 600 employees who specialize in a wide range of fields and enjoy a healthy work environment. Every day, we work together to make the pharmacy of tomorrow more humane and innovative around a common passion: health!
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Familiprix Inc. cares about the health and well-being of its employees, who enjoy many benefits:
  • Employee induction, integration and training programs
  • Measures to promote work-life balance
  • Group insurance adapted to the needs of its employees
  • Sports activities
  • Employer’s participation in reimbursing fitness fees
  • Exclusive employee discounts
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • RRSPs with employee contributions

Departments at Familiprix's headquarters

Discover all the job opportunities that are available at Familiprix's headquarters:

  • Procurement and marketing

    Procurement and marketing

    Our team develops and promotes the best products at the right prices to meet the needs of our network of affiliated pharmacists and their clients.

  • Retail operations

    Retail operations

    A wide reange of experts support our newtwork of affiliated pharmacies. Our employees specialize in commercialization, planograms and creating a stellar customer experience.

  • Pill packages

    Pill packages

    In a robotized enviroment entirely dedicated to preparing pill packages, our product team prepares, on a daily basis, hundreds of multi-dose packs so that pharmacists can be more accessible to assist their clients.

  • Commercial development

    Commercial development

    Our team designs, plans and carries out the project management and development of both interior and exterior design for the offices, labs, workspaces and pharmacy services of pharmacist owners affiliated with Familiprix.

  • Accounting and financial analyses

    Accounting and financial analyses

    Our team ensures the financial strength of the company and oversees its entire accounting practices.

  • Human resources

    Human resources

    Our team of human resources professionals advises Familiprix's managers and supports employees from all departments in achieving the company's goals.

  • IT services

    IT services

    Familiprix's has an extensive team of IT professionals who specialize in web development, business intelligence (BI), applications, network infrastructure and technical support. We support the business needs of the company!

  • Leagal services

    Leagal services

    Our legal department brings together professionals who protect the interests of the company and its members. Our legal experts advise Familiprix's departments and affiliated pharmacists on laws and regulations that govern different business sectors.

  • Distribution


    Our team is responsible for the warehouse's operations and transportation of products to be delivered to our affiliated pharmacies. Over one hundred employees ensure timely receiving and shipping of products in a high-tech work environment.

  • Marketing


    A creative and passionate team that works relentlessly to promote Familiprix nationally in both traditional and digital media.

  • Professional services

    Professional services

    The team, which is made up of pharmacy professionals, supports our affiliated pharmacists by developing different services, training programs and tools to optimize in-pharmacy lab work.

  • Priorx


    Familiprix is the only banner of independent pharmacies to own proprietary pharmacy software, which includes practical mobile aps. Our team ensures the software's continuous development and improvement.

Work at the Québec warehouse

Familiprix Inc. is the only group of pharmacist owners that has its own distribution centre.

When you work at Familiprix's distribution centre, you are part of a dedicated team that constantly innovates thanks to the most recent technologies in the industry. In our two distribution centres, which span more than 218 000 sq.ft., our teams ensure that orders are received and shipped out on a daily basis. We serve pharmacies based on the highest standards in the industry.

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At Familiprix Inc., we strongly believe that our employees deserve a safe, enjoyable and friendly workplace.

We offer a wide range of employee advantages, including:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Comprehensive training
  • Career development

Warehouse jobs

The distribution center team is made up of more than 150 employees who hold various positions:

  • Day or night operations coordinators

  • Warehouse clerk

  • Coordinator of electromechanical work

  • Administrative support staff

Pharmacies that serve people first

By pursuing a career for a pharmacist owner affiliated with Familiprix, you contribute to the health and well-being of your community. At Familiprix, we strongly believe that pharmacy is more than just a branch. It is a humane health destination where all employees make a difference in people’s lives. We are committed to providing employees with innovative solutions to better support the health of patients.
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In pharmacies managed by pharmacist owners affiliated with Familiprix, the employer is also the owner. This distinct business model ensures close proximity with employees. The work conditions, advantages and benefits are unique to each pharmacy. Working in one of the pharmacies affiliated with Familiprix means that you will help to build a company that has been caring for the health of Quebecers for over 35 years!
  • Employee induction, integration and training
  • Professional development for all jobs
  • Flexible work schedule considering the needs of employees
  • A business in excellent health for over thirty years

Types of jobs in pharmacies

With 400 affiliated pharmacist-owners across Québec and New Brunswick, our network employes nearly 6000 employees. Familiprix offers a wide array of career opportunities:

  • Employed pharmacist

    Employed pharmacist

    In collaboration with pharmacist owners, employed pharmacists advise clients in drug therapies and taking medication in order to help prevent or overcome illnesses.

  • Pharmacy technical assistant

    Pharmacy technical assistant

    Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists in carrying out routine operations, from ordering to dispensing medication. Access to a fivel-level certification program helps our employees develop their skills.

  • Health guide

    Health guide

    Heatlh specialists provide information on overthecounter medication and proactively enhance the overall patient experience. Their widespread knowledge on products and services allow them to helpe patients so that pharmacists and the lab team can remain productive and offer a better service.

  • Skin specialist

    Skin specialist

    Skincare specialists offer an exceptional customer experience for people looking for products and information on skin, nail and hair care. They can advise and educate patients on daily skin regimens as well as skin issues, and recommend the appropriate in-pharmacy products and services.

  • Nurse



  • Cosmetician


    These experts are extremely passionate about cosmetology and have excellenct customer service skills. Familiprix developed specialized training on skin, hair, nail, hand and foot care as well as makeup techniques and fragrances.

  • Manager


    Managers oversee operations and employee management of pharmacy personnel. They help to optimize their pharmacies profitability and, most of all, enhance the customer experience.

  • Cashier


    Cashiers greet customers, provide handy information and carry out transactions at the checkout counters. They are committed to serving customers with a warm and friendly attitude.

  • Delivery person

    Delivery person

    Responsible for delivering orders directly to customers, delivery personnel are proud representatives of the pharmacies they serve in their communities.