May 31, 2023

Familiprix carbon-neutral branches

We would like to congratulate the 7 pharmacists, in 9 branches, who obtained Planetair's "Carbon-neutral Pharmacy" certification following coaching from Maillon Vert. The branches are committed to renewing certification in 2023:

  • Familiprix Geneviève Charbonneau (Mirabel and St-Joseph), certified since 2019
  • Familiprix Yanick Fournier (Saint-Constant), certified since 2019
  • Familiprix Judith et François Marziali (Cowansville), certified since 2020
  • Familiprix Jean-Maurice Weibel (Hochelaga and Masson in Montréal), certified since 2020
  • Familiprix Christian Viens, Kim Blanchette and Guillaume Lamarre (Amos), certified since 2022
  • Familiprix Linda Gaudreault and Yann Gosselin-Gaudreault (Alma), certified since 2022
  • Familiprix Michaël Tourigny (Shawinigan-Sud), certified since 2022 - We would like to underscore his initiative as he has become the first carbon-neutral pharmacy in the Mauricie region of Québec.

Certifiée par planetair - Pharmacie carboneutre - accompagnée par Maillon vert

Developed by Maillon Vert and Planetair, this certification aims to fight global warming and certifies that all of a pharmacy's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have been calculated and offset for one year. The methodology aims to quantify the GHG emissions specifically associated with the operation of these pharmacies and therefore looks at energy consumption, vehicle travel, purchases, waste management, etc.

Subsequently, the carbon credits come from the "Planetair Québec-Nature" portfolio of "Gold Standard" certified projects. In addition, for each ton offset, 25% of the contribution is paid to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to finance projects for the protection and restoration of sensitive natural habitats in Québec, notably in the Eastern Townships, Montérégie, Laurentians, Gaspésie, Chaudière-Appalaches and Montréal regions, as well as in the Hochelaga Archipelago in the St. Lawrence River. NCC's actions encourage the capture of CO2, promote the resilience of species to climate change by maintaining or creating natural corridors and ensure the maintenance of ecological services for the benefit of the human population.

About Maillon Vert

This certification is part of Maillon Vert's eco+responsible journey undertaken by these pharmacies. Since 2012, Maillon Vert has been promoting the integration of sustainable development among local businesses and organizations of all sizes. Its team of specialist consultants offers customized support to generate positive effects for the environment and, by the same token, for the community. Through its network and constantly updated knowledge of ever-changing environmental challenges, Maillon Vert benefits from a unique positioning in Québec and Canada, being the first company in North America to have introduced sustainable development in the pharmaceutical market, a vital sector of the economy and health. Since then, Maillon Vert has fulfilled numerous mandates in a variety of fields, both in Québec and internationally, benefiting small local businesses and non-profit organizations as well as large corporations.