September 30, 2019

Familiprix highlights the importance caring for communities

Real caring

Shot as a documentary and underscoring the human aspect of the story, each video introduces viewers to people who, thanks to their everyday actions, make a huge difference in the lives of those around them. Familiprix wanted the videos to be extremely authentic: no actors or scripts were used. All the creative work—finding these precious stories to tell—was conducted at the onset of the project. “We did not tell our heroes how to act while we filmed them. We captured unforgettable moments in their day-to-day lives,” explained Bruno Marchand, the project’s Director  and Artistic Director.

Spreading joy

Familiprix hopes this initiative will incite the general public to share other similar stores and celebrate altruism on social media—so that more and more people are encouraged to help others. “Celebrating remarkable people who help those around them is important for us. This campaign is perfectly aligned with our latest television campaign,” explained Bernard Godbout, Vice President of Marketing at Familiprix. 

Discover the stories: