November 20, 2018

Familiprix to welcome five new pharmacies to its network

Familiprix is pleased to announce the addition of five new pharmacies to its network of neighbourhood health centres. These pharmacies, which will open within the next two weeks, will be located in Coaticook, Amos, Baie-Saint-Paul and Carleton-sur-Mer. They will join the 383 branches situated across Québec and New Brunswick, bringing the total number of Familiprix locations to 388. Today, Familiprix is the only network in Québec that is owned by pharmacists. 

When Metro Inc. acquired Groupe Jean Coutu last April, it entered into an agreement with the Bureau de la concurrence to waiver its rights to several pharmacies. As a result, these five new pharmacies, which currently operate under the Brunet banner, will enable Familiprix to increase its market share in the province of Québec.

“Our business model meets the current and future needs of the market,” explained Albert Falardeau, President of Familiprix. “We are pursuing our vision of growing our network of neighbourhood pharmacies. We are very proud to be the only network of independently owned pharmacies that operates its own distribution centre.”

Familiprix’s new branches:

  • 82, 1re Avenue Est, Amos / Owners Mr. Christian Viens, Mr. Michaël Ahern, Ms Kim Blanchette et Mr. Guillaume Lamarre.
  • 641, 4e Rue Ouest, Amos / Owners Mr. Christian Viens, Mr. Michaël Ahern, Ms Kim Blanchette et Mr. Guillaume Lamarre.
  • 1020, boulevard Monseigneur-de-Laval, Bait-St-Paul / Owner Ms Marie-Pier Labbé 
  • 674, boulevard Perron, Carleton-sur-Mer / Owner Mr. Dominic Dorion
  • 65, rue Wellington, Coaticook / Owner Ms Pascale Paré

About Familiprix 

Familiprix, with its headquarters in Québec City, has a truly unique business model: it is a joint-stock company that is owned by pharmacists. Familiprix and pharmacist-owners affiliated with Familiprix employ 6450 throughout the network and are located in all regions of Québec and New Brunswick. Soon, Familiprix will have 388 branches. Familiprix is also one of the most admired companies in Québec (Source: Reputation Study, 2018, Léger 2018).