May 24, 2018

Never leave your Health Profile behind

Never leave your Health Profile behind

Find the nearest Familiprix in your new neighbourhood

In the hustle and bustle of moving, many people forget to transfer their Health Profile to the Familiprix pharmacy in their new neighbourhoods. And did you know that if you forget to take your medication, it could negatively impact your health? That’s why it’s so important to transfer your Health Profile today to keep your health and medication in check.

There are many advantages to associating your Health Profile with a pharmacist owner affiliated with Familiprix. You can:

  • Renew your prescriptions online using only a picture of your prescription label
  • Ask a pharmacist a question online regarding a wide variety of health topics
  • Take advantage of automatic prescription renewals to help you save time
  • Make an appointment online for one of 80 health services offered at Familiprix pharmacies, such as advice on travel health, flu shots, quitting smoking, urinary tract infections or follow-ups if you have high blood pressure1
  • Ensure that your health is overseen by a qualified healthcare professional and dedicated team
  • Manage the prescriptions of your loved ones online to better manage their health
  • Find a nearby pharmacy to optimize healthcare treatments, find solutions to prevent health issues and illness, and ensure the right drug interactions2
  • Centralize in your health information in one place to have access to a wide array of reliable health content and tools

Transfer My Health Profile now

1 Only in the province of Québec. Some conditions apply.

2 Pharmacists owners are solely responsible for the professional activities performed as part of a pharmaceutical practice.