November 18, 2022

The Ryan necklace to benefit Opération Enfant Soleil.

Bizou and Familiprix – Stronger together

The two Quebec companies have joined forces to create a beautiful necklace, to benefit Opération Enfant Soleil.

Bizou and Familiprix are joining forces for a fifth consecutive year to launch the Ryan necklace, with all proceeds donated to Opération Enfant Soleil. The beautiful stainless-steel necklace, created to support Ryan, his parents, and all sick children, will be available for $25 at all Bizou and Familiprix locations. Carefully created and perfectly priced, the necklace is the ideal Christmas gift for anyone who wants to support a meaningful cause.

“For several years, we’ve been supporting Opération Enfant Soleil by the creation of a unique piece of jewelry inspired by the story of a child whose life was affected by health issues,” explains Andrew St-Charles, vice-president of marketing. “Over the years, this has become a project that is really close to our hearts and once again we are honored to partner with Familiprix to make this necklace available.“

In the summer of 2018, Bizou decided to partner with Opération Enfant Soleil with the intent of supporting a cause that reflected the company’s values. Since then, numerous fundraising initiatives have made it possible to donate more than $375,000 to the cause of sick children.

The Ryan necklace

The Ryan necklace for the benefit of d'Opération Enfant Soleil

Elegant and timeless, the round shape necklace is adorned with a black stone. This holiday season, no need to look any further, the Ryan necklace is the perfect gift to spoil mothers, friends, sisters, or any jewelry lover. Not only will its design make them smile but it will also warm their hearts as it’s a tangible way of supporting Opération Enfant Soleil.

The story of Ryan Vachon

Ryan Vachon

One-year-old Ryan Vachon has Down Syndrome as well as an atrioventricular canal (AVC), a birth defect in the heart. When he was only two weeks old, Ryan underwent emergency surgery in the Enfant Soleil surgery room to correct his heart defect. The operation was a success, and the toddler was able to go back with his family in Chaudière-Appalaches for the Holidays. Despite his return home, Ryan's parents are faced with several difficulties relating to their son's health, namely numerous pneumonias and collapsed lung episodes. The slightest infection can have serious repercussions on Ryan's health. The family often has to travel to the hospital for follow- ups: pneumology, audiology, ophthalmology, speech therapist, nutritionist, specialized educator, and physiotherapist. All these appointments represent a significant money investment, but also a lot of time. “Yes, it’s expensive. We need both time and money for Ryan to heal,” says Ryan’s dad, who is grateful for the Enfant Soleil community and the help they have received to date. Ryan's parents are making every effort they can to ensure that their son has the best possible life: "He's a quiet and persevering little guy, my biggest dream is to take him as far as he can go", said Ryan's mom. 

About Bizou

Founded in 1982, in Sainte-Marie Québec, Bizou quickly generated enthusiasm for its brand and its products. It is, first and foremost, a dedicated and specialized group offering the latest trends through its exclusive collections of jewelry and fashion accessories for women. 

The family business now has more than 45 stores in Canada with over 350 additional points of sale, 5 international stores, including 30 shop-in-shops in Mexico, with more openings expected. Bizou is a team of proud and passionate people who have built an internationally-regarded expertise in the world of jewelry and accessories.

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