October 7, 2020

Familiprix won the social and environmental Reconnaissance Impact award

At Familiprix, people’s health is closely linked to the health of the planet. That is why environmental stewardship is now at the heart of our strategic plan.

We are proud to have won the social and environmental Reconnaissance Impact award, which recognizes retailers for their philanthropic, charitable and social initiatives that positively contribute to Québec’s society.

We would like to warmheartedly thank all members of the Comité Éco, who work very hard to develop the banner’s eco-friendly projects, the management team and our network of pharmacies. Everyone has been instrumental in supporting Familiprix’s sustainable development transformation. We would also like to thank Maillon Vert, our partner that guides and supports Familiprix in implementing best practices in sustainability.

Stay tuned for new eco-friendly initiatives at Familiprix!

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