January 8, 2019

Familiprix: It’s what families are for, right?

The year 2019 will be an important transition for Familiprix; after several decades of relying on humorous advertising, the company will now promote its new brand positioning approach based on kindness. 

Health is in the public eye

When it comes to their health, today’s consumers don’t always know where to turn. They often try to find answers to their questions themselves. In doing so, they research various medical sites, seek advice from those around them or listen to their inner voices, which don’t always guide them in the right direction. Although pharmacists cannot replace doctors, they can be a good source of advice and assist consumers in determining what are the best avenues to follow in order to properly care for their health. Bernard Godbout, Vice President of Marketing at Familiprix, explained Kabane agency’s strategic and creative contribution to this change in positioning: “Kabane has crystallized the brand’s vision and values magnificently. With them, we have managed to create a world in which we feel the true authenticity and humanity of owner-pharmacists affiliated with Familiprix.” 

Telling human stories

Kabane has captured the company’s inner voice by crafting 15-, 30- and 60-second messages for TV and the web, sharing human stories in which we see characters dealing with their inner struggles and how Familiprix’s kind approach makes a difference. "Medication is necessary to cure illnesses and to feel better; however, oftentimes, all it takes is someone to listen and offer comforting words to move forward. This is what we want to evoke," said Simon Litalien, Co-President and Creative Director of Kabane. Direction of the stunning visual work was entrusted to Caraz at Roméo & Fils. Familiprix’s messages have come to life under her studio’s cinematic eye. As for the musical background, it was entrusted to singer-songwriter Ingrid St-Pierre. "It was important for us to have a human and artisanal touch in all aspects of our creative process,” said Julie LaRichelière, Senior Marketing Manager at Familiprix. 

Being there when it matters, during the highs and the lows, is Familiprix’s mission for the coming years. After all, it’s what families are for, right?

The new ads will be broadcast from January 7 until the end of March on the major French-language media in Québec. And for the first time in its history, Familiprix will address the English market, both on TV and the Web.

See videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9rSMGvmvy0