Automatically renew your prescriptions

What is automatic renewal?

Do you suffer from high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension or any other chronic illness? Do you often forget to renew your prescriptions or do you have to go to the pharmacy frequently each month? Did you know that Familiprix offers an automatic prescription renewal service?

This involves synchronizing the amount of your medication over a given period of time, so that you can renew all of your chronic medication prescriptions once per month. The benefits of doing this are:

  • Avoid interrupting a chronic treatment and thereby optimize the effectiveness of your medication therapy
  • Reduce your wait time at the pharmacy since your prescriptions are prepared in advance and ready to be picked up
  • Optimize your errand-running: by synchronizing your medications, only one visit per month is required

Does this apply to you? Discuss it with your Familiprix-affiliated pharmacist now!

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