What happens when you become a pharmacist owner?

Every pharmacy in the Familiprix group is owned by independent pharmacists. A shareholder agreement binds all pharmacists who have an ownership in the group. Through this private share capital, they guide the priorities, decisions, and development proposed by Familiprix’s head office.

Pharmacist-owners hold seven of the ten positions on Familiprix’s Board of Directors. They can also be a part of the working committee that oversees operational challenges: the banner steering committee.

Familiprix Inc.’s pharmacist-owners are competent, energetic and innovative. They share the company’s values. They are caring professionals, attentive to customers and dedicated to their patients’ health. They are also motivated entrepreneurs who strive to take the reins of their professional destinies and to play active roles in their industry.

Join Familiprix!

There are three ways to become a pharmacist owner affiliated with the Familiprix network:

Open a new pharmacy

You can start your business and get financial assistance.

Acquire an existing pharmacy

Our experts will help you find a pharmacy that meets your requirements on the market, guide you through the financing process and any future reorganization.

Affiliate with the Familiprix group

Your pharmacy, whether independent or a member of another company, can increase its profitability by affiliating with Familiprix.

Our strong head office and solid business model provide support to our pharmacist owners. Our services are constantly developing, which fosters their professional and sales growth.

Benefit from comprehensive services and support

Familiprix Inc. provides comprehensive support to its pharmacist owners:

  • Market studies
  • Lease negotiation
  • Financial analysis
  • Commercial growth
  • Advertising
  • Cost comparison studies
  • Annual sales projections

Be part of a unique and distinctive group

Familiprix is the only independent pharmacy company to have its own dispensary software, Priorx, with an assortment of different applications. The company provides technical support from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

Our group of independent pharmacist-owners is also the only one equipped with its two distribution centres. Those 218,000 sq. ft. centres regularly delivers supplies to each pharmacy under the banner.

With Familiprix’s distinctive business model, members are both customers and owners of the company and the distribution centre.

Becoming a pharmacist owner affiliated with the Familiprix means:

  • Benefitting from the reputation and the strength of a network of more than 399 pharmacies
  • Being a part of an innovative company with a unique business model
  • Benefitting from competitively-priced commercial and professional services
  • Being able to participate in working committees and to exercise influence on decisions made by the company’s head office

Are you considering joining the Familiprix group? Do you have any questions?

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