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Camp Canak

Familiprix gets involved in New Brunswick

For the past few years, Familiprix has been supporting the respite and camp center, Camp Canak. When the building was rebuilt in 2019, a multi-sensory room called the Familiprix Snoezelen Room, was created thanks to Familiprix donations. This unique experience is designed to let people with special needs explore the material in a cozy place. The two main objectives are to allow people to relax and to stimulate them through their senses.

Fundraising campaigns organized throughout the year in Familiprix pharmacies in New Brunswick allow Camp Canak to offer stays to campers and to purchase equipment adapted to the needs of its clientele.

About Camp Canak

Camp Canak is an organization located in Kedgwick, New Brunswick. It provides a stimulating experience for people with a physical or intellectual disability by offering their families with some much-needed respite.

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Camp Canak