Eco-friendly labelling program

Familiprix makes responsible purchasing easy

At a time when more and more environmentally friendly products are hitting the market, Familiprix's eco-friendly labels make it easier for customers to identify healthy, green products in pharmacies. These labels are affixed to products that meet Familiprix's sustainability criteria and pass a rigorous evaluation process.

Eco-Friendly Choice Products

Our evaluation criteria


Sustainable development commitments

This category covers our suppliers' sustainable development commitments and practices.

Formulas and ingredients

Formulas and ingredients

This category covers ingredients as well as the manufacturing and use of the product.



This category covers the materials of the primary and secondary packaging in which the product is sold.

Discover green products in these categories

Find eco-friendly labels in the household, personal care and other product sections in our stores.

Eco-friendly household products

Household products

Personnal care

Personnal care

Other products

Other products


What's the difference between Ethical beauty and this eco-friendly labelling program?

The Beauté éthique section is dedicated to brands committed to transparency in our Extra stores. It features cosmetics and dermocosmetics that respect your health, the environment and animals. On the other hand, the eco-friendly labelling program, set up in collaboration with sustainable development experts Maillon Vert, makes it easier for customers to spot healthy, environmentally friendly products throughout Familiprix branches. Products are also evaluated according to different criteria from those of the Beauté éthique program.

How can I be sure that the program is credible?

All products are assessed according to three evaluation criteria established in collaboration with Maillon Vert, experts in sustainable development. A pre-assessment process has also been added, immediately filtering out certain products with problematic features. For example, the product must not be an aerosol, a single-use product, or contain ingredients on the program's list of banned ingredients. Once this pre-assessment has been completed, products that are not excluded are evaluated according to the three types of evaluation criteria. Suppliers then fill in the grids for each product and acceptances or refusals are attributed according to a very rigorous points scale.

Are there any advantages to buying products labelled as eco-friendly?

By buying products labelled as eco-friendly, you're encouraging responsible purchasing and companies that make planet-friendly commitments. Labelled products contain ingredients that are good for you, the environment, and communities.

Are eco-friendly labels available in all stores?

Our innovative eco-friendly labelling program has been deployed in most of our branches. Please note that the availability of eco-labelled products varies from branch to branch.