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Cardio Plein Air

Familiplus is proud to partner with Cardio Plein Air to reward your healthy lifestyle habits.

Cardio Plein Air is Québec’s leader in outdoor exercise. It’s an innovative concept that brings together 50 franchises, 400 physical activity professionals and 30,000 annual memberships at more than 160 parks in Québec.

Every Cardio Plein Air workout gives you a great burst of natural energy, so you can get into shape, spend time outdoors AND socialize with others!

Cardio Plein Air stands out thanks its offer of semi-private group coaching. You get the right amount of attention from your trainer, and benefit from enjoyable, effective and safe exercise.

Cardio Plein Air - Summer session

Move and get points!

Take the opportunity to get in shape, spend time outdoors, and socialize.

Get up to 3000 points = $30 in reward

Find the package that best suits your needs and get up to $30 in Familiplus rewards!

Here is an overview of the Familiplus points you will earn by registering for or renewing your package:

Type of Cardio Plein Air membership

Familiplus rewards

4x week3,000 points = $30 in rewards
3x week2,600 points = $26 in rewards
2x week1,900 points = $19 in rewards
1x week1,300 points = $13 in rewards
Zoom1,100 points = $11 in rewards
Child850 points = $8.50 in rewards

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Promotion exclusive to Familiplus members. To obtain Familiplus points, the member must enter their valid Familiplus card number, in the space provided for this purpose, when registering for or renewing* for the first time an exercise package on the Cardio Plein Air website. Points will be deposited into the member's account one month after registration.

*The points offer is valid for a first-time renewal only for members who have had an account at Cardio Plein air for less than 12 months.