Familiprix Gift Card General Terms and Conditions of Use

Familiprix Gift Card General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Card”):

  • The Card can only be used in participating Familiprix locations in Quebec and New Brunswick.
  • The Card has no value until activated by Familiprix before its use.
  • The Card must be presented during each transaction.
  • The maximum value of the Card is $250.
  • The value of the Card is in Canadian currency.
  • The Card balance is not refundable or exchangeable for cash value, unless required by law or permitted by these terms. In Quebec only, the law states that when the Card’s balance is lower than $5, the customer must be reimbursed in cash upon request.
  • The Card can be used repeatedly. The cost of products and merchandise purchased will be deducted from the value of the Card until it reaches a zero balance.
  • The Card’s balance can be verified either in a Familiprix location or online at the following address: familiprix.com/gift-card.
  • Familiprix reserves the right not to accept or issue a new Card, cancel this Card or in any way limit its use if it has reason to believe that the use of the Card is not authorized, fraudulent or otherwise illegal.
  • Familiprix is not responsible for the loss, theft or unauthorized use of the Card. Familiprix will not refund or replace the Card.
  • Use of the Card will be considered as proof of acceptance of these terms.
  • The Card can be used for any purchase in a Familiprix location, except where prohibited by law.
  • Familiplus points cannot be accumulated when you purchase the Card.
  • The Card has no expiry date, no inactivity fees or other associated fees.
  • The Card remains the exclusive property of Familiprix at all times.
  • The use of the Card is subject to these Terms and Conditions and the terms set out on the back of each Card, which may be changed by Familiprix without notice.