Familiprix is proud to partner with

and encourages you to take up the challenge from April 1 to April 30, 2019.

Our daily mission is to support the population and to play an active role in improving their health.

Walk, run and be rewarded! 

We encourage healthy lifestyle habits with our My Familiplus - Healthy Living app and reward our customers' physical activity.

By signing up for the Health Challenge, you also get a chance to win one of the many Familiprix gift cards that will be drawn throughout the event.

My Familiplus and healthy living

How to be reward?

1- Download My Familiplus

Download the free application and install it on your phone!

2- Allow Healthy Living access to the health app

Go to the healthy living section and allow access to the health app on your phone.

Vie saine -application santé

3- Set a goal and be rewarded

Set a personal goal in steps or a distance to achieve per week.

When the weekly goal is achieved, you get 25 free Familiplus points!

2x more points Healthy living presented by Rekarb

From April 1st to May 5th, 2019 get 50 points instead of 25 when the weekly goal is achieved.

3 habits to improve

Your health comes first

1- Eat better

Eating properly is a way of life!

Professional tips to make your Health Challenge a success!

2- Move more

A body that moves is a healthy body.

Pratiquez votre sport avec assurance et confiance. Play your sport assuredly and confidently. Check out our PSST! ATHLETES

3- Maintain a balance

Caring for your body and mind is the foundation of good mental health.

Stress: friend or enemy?

Your health profile, anytime, anywhere

Simplify your prescription management so you can focus on your challenge better!

The My Pharmacy application will save you time!

  • Avoid waiting by using the online renewal service and by adding a photo of your prescription. Your medications will be ready for your arrival.
  • Have everything you need in one place, as you can manage files for your loved ones like a parent or a child.
  • Gone are the days of forgetting to take your medication, thanks to automatic reminders!
  • Communicate with your pharmacist efficiently through messages and alerts.

Find out more

My Pharmacy app

Professional tips to make your Health Challenge a success!

Eat better, move more and garder l'équilibre

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