To take charge of your high blood pressure

High blood pressure occurs when the blood pressure on the vessel walls is consistently too high . This condition can be described as a "silent illness" because many people that have the same condition do not experience any symptoms. However, it is important to treat this condition to reduce the risk of stroke or cardiovascular diseases. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits can help lower and control blood pressure, but medication is often needed to treat high blood pressure. This controls blood pressure—but does not cure hypertension. 

Your pharmacist, in conjunction with your doctor, can help you with your hypertension.

After getting your doctor's treatment targets, your pharmacist will be able to adjust the dosage of your hypertension medication based on your results and tolerance to your treatment . By having better control of your blood pressure, you will reduce the risk of long-term complications. 

Your pharmacist can make managing your high blood pressure easier. Learn more!