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My Health Profile

My Health Profile

Access your Health Profile from your computer

Access your Health Profile

Access these services in 4 easy steps

  1. Download the My Pharmacy app on your mobile device (Apple Store ou Google Play) or access your Health Profile on your computer. Create your account.
  2. In the Prescriptions section, enter your prescription numbers (RX) that can be found on the labels in your current medication containers and take a picture of your new prescriptions.
  3. Validate the information in your order.
  4. You can even add a note to your pharmacist, if needed, and add items to your order (ex.: tissue paper, lip balm, cough drops, etc.).

When you pick up your prescriptions, ask for your patient key at the lab. Your patient key will enable you to access your prescription history online.

Here are the features available

Enter and update your personal information.

Insurance cards
Register your insurance cards.

Manage a family member's record. (e.g., parent, child). Discuss it with your pharmacist.

View your list of medications and refill prescriptions in just a few clicks.

Dosage reminders
Create medication reminders for you and your family.

View messages and alerts from your pharmacist concerning your record.

Document to print
View and print your summary for tax purposes.

At your service all day so you never forget anything important.

Photo of a new prescription
Take a photo of your new prescription and send it to your pharmacist so he/she can prepare your medication.

Health Zone
Get information on medications and a range of health topics.