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Easily plan your next trip thanks to Familiprix.

Pharmacist-owners affiliated with Familiprix offer a complete range of travel health services. You’ll find under one roof all the health services you need, adapted to your upcoming destination, as well as products that will allow you to travel safely.

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Travel vaccination

Do I need vaccines?

Some travel destinations require vaccines. Start by booking a free consultation. During this time, a healthcare professional will update your vaccines and provide tips on the medication you may need.

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Travel kit

Travel kit

Did you know that you can have a personalized travel kit prepared before you leave? This kit will include all of the medication adapted to your travel destination and specific health conditions. That is one less thing you have to worry about before you leave!

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Travel checklist

Your travel checklist

Don’t waste time looking for a pharmacy when you travel abroad. Here is a checklist to help you prepare your travel kit for the medication you may need so that you don’t forget anything.

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All you need to know about your destination

Find useful information about your destination country. The presence of diseases that could pose a risk, the vaccines you may require, and emergency contacts.

Free Traveller's Guide

Whatever you’re into, the challenge is the same: making sure you’re well prepared and nothing’s been left out.

The solution? Our Traveller’s Guide.

It’s all here! We cover everything from vaccinations to travelling with kids and the most common bugs you’re likely to encounter on the road.

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PSST! - Traveller's Guide

Still have questions? Here are some more travel tips!

Flying with children: It’s all in the preparation!

Travelling with the family

Has the idea of a family trip been on your mind for a long time? Here’s a few things to consider before the big departure.

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How to manage diabetes while traveling

How to manage diabetes while traveling

Is it possible for a person with diabetes to travel easily while making wise and adapted food choices for their diabetes? It most certainly is!

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Réduire les effets du décalage horaire lors d’un voyage en Europe

Travelling to Europe? You can reduce the effects of jetlag!

Vous vous préparez pour un voyage en Europe? Voici quelques trucs pour vous aider à atténuer les effets du décalage horaire.

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