October 5, 2021

Our eco-responsible is ongoing.

Since 2020, the Maguire Avenue branch offers ecological cleaning products in bulk. The PURE NATURE product line aims to reduce plastic consumption in a simple way while using effective and healthy products for the home. In addition, buying in bulk can save up to 25% on each fill.  


The Sheppard Street and Maguire Avenue branches are implementing a new policy to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and gradually replace them with environmentally responsible alternatives. 

Whenever possible, we invite all our customers to adapt their consumption habits and bring their own reusable bags, a practice already well established in grocery stores.

From now on, single-use plastic bags will be sold at a cost of $0.05 / unit. 

This initiative is part of our Familiprix banner's overall commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. We proudly support this initiative! 

Sylvie Champagne & Stéfanie Ouellet

Pharmacist owners - A passion from mother to daughter!