November 1, 2021

Stéfanie Ouellet takes over the pharmacies

Today marks a new milestone in the history of Sylvie Champagne & Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacies affiliated with Familiprix.  Sylvie Champagne has officially passed the business on to Stéfanie Ouellet, her daughter and co-owner since 2016.

After nearly 35 years as a pharmacist-owner in the Sillery neighbourhood, Sylvie Champagne is starting a new chapter. We will still be able to count on her experience and expertise in the coming years. We thank her for her commitment to the pharmacy and to the community of Sillery which has made the success and reputation of Champagne-Ouellet Pharmacies located on Sheppard Street and Maguire Avenue.

As of today, our pharmacies become Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet. It is important to note that Stéfanie Ouellet remains committed to maintaining the personalized approach and quality standards established by her mother Sylvie Champagne.