February 25, 2022

Vanessa Morin, a committed manager

The experience of a pharmacy is not limited to the laboratory with health support and advice for medications. A pharmacy also offers a wide variety of products for wellness, hygiene and general health as well as related services such as cosmetics, photo service and a postal counter. These aspects of the pharmacy involve a dynamic team whose leadership is provided by our manager Vanessa Morin

Very concerned about the quality of work and the well-being of the team, Vanessa Morin ensures that quality standards are maintained in the two pharmacies affiliated with Stéfanie Ouellet's Familiprix. "My role at Stefanie Ouellet Pharmacies is to ensure that customer service and the pharmacy experience are efficient and well organized. I am also responsible for the coordination of management and supply activities," explains Vanessa Morin, manager of the two Pharmacies Stefanie Ouellet locations.

"What I like about my job is the contact with customers. I also like to develop and create new shopping ideas. The variety of my work makes it a very rewarding job," says Vanessa Morin, manager of Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet.

As a mother of two children, Vanessa realizes the importance of health and well-being in balancing her professional and personal life. This is why physical activity plays an important role in her quality of life. "I love to be out in nature, hiking, snowshoeing, biking and even canoe camping," says Vanessa.