November 15, 2021

A new way to recycle your masks!

A new way to recycle your masks, thanks to Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacies affiliated with Familiprix!

🌱We are now offering our customers a solution to recycle masks directly at home. 

Easy and in a few steps: buy, fill and ship! Completely recycled, your masks enjoy a second life, all for a better future.

🌳 In partnership with Maillon Vert and Go Zero Recycle, two local companies, we are among the first to offer the purchase of containers for recycling your masks at home. An ideal solution for people with a desire to reduce their ecological footprint.


Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet has also made Go Zero boxes available to Maison Michel-Sarrazin as well as to nearby elementary and high schools Externat Saint-Jean-Berchmans, Collège Jésus-Marie de Sillery and Séminaire des Pères-Maristes. Being aware that each employee or student has to use and then throw away several single-use masks per day, it was important for Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet to ensure that masks were actually recycled in the Sillery district. 

"Our pharmacies want to offer a simple and efficient mask recycling system in order to reduce our environmental footprint," says Stéfanie Ouellet, pharmacist-owner of Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet affiliated with Familiprix. "It is thanks to the collective mobilization of the establishments that live in the heart of our living environment that we can make a difference. This is why it was important for us to offer mask recycling boxes to the Maison Michel-Sarrazin and to nearby schools," adds Ms. Ouellet. 

"The Maison Michel-Sarrazin is proud to be associated with this meaningful initiative, which was requested by the staff and volunteers of our establishment," says Brigitte Laflamme, Executive Director of the Maison Michel-Sarrazin. 

"The team at the Externat St-Jean-Berchmans is committed to contributing to the development of an eco-responsible generation. Raising awareness in our community necessarily involves educating and making everyone responsible for the environment," says Nancy Grenier, Executive Director of the Externat St-Jean-Berchmans.

"Earth Day is an everyday event and since the mission of Collège Jésus-Marie de Sillery is to train great citizens, it is our duty as educators to ensure that our students adopt eco-responsible behaviours," emphasizes Emmanuelle B. Charbonneau, teacher and responsible for sustainable development initiatives at Collège Jésus-Marie de Sillery.

Share the news and participate in large numbers in the initiative! 

Photo: Vanessa Morin, manager and Francine Lefebvre of Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacies affiliated with Familiprix.