January 20, 2022

Anne-Émilie Dionne pharmacist joins our team

Stéfanie Ouellet, pharmacist-owner of Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet affiliated with Familiprix is proud to announce the addition of a new pharmacist to the team: Anne-Émilie Dionne. Her arrival strengthens the talented team of pharmacists at Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet, which has two pharmacies located in the heart of the Sillery sector of Quebec City. Anne-Émilie Dionne will practice mainly at the Maguire Avenue pharmacy as the pharmacist in charge. 

"Anne-Émilie is a pharmacist with all the qualities needed to advise and support our customers in improving and monitoring their health. Her personality, her expertise and her rich track record will add depth to our health team and strengthen our organization," said Stéfanie Ouellet, pharmacist-owner. 

Anne-Émilie Dionne holds a doctorate in pharmacy since 2017 and already has a wealth of professional experience in the field of teaching in addition to community pharmacy. Anne-Émilie possesses an infectious dynamism, a great proactivity ensuring an efficient and professional leadership in the laboratory. 

"I am very happy to join the great team at Pharmacies Stéfanie Ouellet. I am motivated to put my health expertise to good use for the benefit of our customers. I will also be able to share my expertise with the team of doctors at the Clinique médicale de Sillery to ensure the follow-up of medical files in order to identify the best health treatments for each patient," says Anne-Émillie Dionne, pharmacist in charge.