March 31, 2022

Combine beauty and skin care

Combine beauty and skin care with the expertise of the cosmetics team. The cosmetics department at Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacy on Maguire Avenue is full of high quality specialized products. Our dedicated team is rigorously trained to advise each client with a personalized approach focused on health and well-being. 

Cynthia Lareau, our head cosmetician, is much more than a skin care specialist, she is a true enthusiast.  Her passion drives the entire cosmetics team to provide a high quality experience for customers of all ages. "When we advise a client, our approach is based on health and comfort criteria without ever neglecting the natural beauty and appearance of the skin, which contributes to a feeling of well-being in the people who consult us," emphasizes Cynthia Laureau, head cosmetician of the Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacy affiliated with Familiprix.

Our team of consultants shares Cynthia Laureau's contagious passion by offering beauty tips in a spirit of well-being and skin care according to each client's needs. "We are always on the lookout for new products and trends in terms of skin care products or applications. This allows us to offer advice that meets the wellness, health and appearance needs of our clients," adds Cynthia Lareau. 

Our wide variety of products from world-renowned brands allows us to identify the best product for each skin type to provide comfort without compromising the health benefits for the skin. 

We offer free skin consultations, come and meet the cosmetic team at Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacy on Maguire Street to find the best products for your skin.