November 30, 2023

Geske available at Pharmacie Stéfanie Ouellet

Pharmacie Stéfanie Ouellet's cosmetics department is offering a brand-new, state-of-the-art skincare line: GESKE German Beauty Tech.

GESKE's mission is to revive the skin's innate impermeability, by offering unique long-lasting devices, symbols of a sustainable commitment.

GESKE offers a complete range of scientifically proven beauty devices. Four years of in-depth research into beauty technology and the power of artificial intelligence enable GESKE to offer technological devices that are:

- Affordable;

- Powered by the GESKE application;

- Attractive, easy-to-use and available in 11 colors!

- Guaranteed to last 15 years.

Each device targets multiple skin objectives, triggering an exhilarating transformation experience. Advanced skin renewal technologies, such as SmartSonic pulses, the high-efficiency purification system, full-spectrum LED lights, DeepDerma skin renewal and firming technology, and MicroCurrent face-lift technology, synergistically breathe new life into skin, defying the inexorable march of time with astonishing power.

GESKE is the only brand to offer a complete range of affordableSmartAppGuided™ beauty appliances and skincare products worldwide.

Overview of the GESKE Beauty tech application available on Android and Apple (IOS)

The mobile app connected to your GESKE devices offers four options to enhance the experience and, above all, optimize your personalized skin care :

Skin analysis: Thanks to our unique Al-powered technology, you can map skin problems with your smartphone. Regular skin scans enable the app to develop your personalized skincare routine and constantly adapt treatment to your skin type.

Personalized routine: All our devices are powered by theGESKE app and our exclusive technology. In just a few minutes, you'll be offered a customized treatment plan based on your goals, skin type and skin problems.Discover the luxury of a private beauty spa from the comfort of your own home.

Guided sessions: With 56,565 guided sessions available in 45 languages, you can easily follow results-driven instructions that will help you get the most out of your products.

Results: With our in-app rewards and achievements system, you can track your progress with pride and earn exclusive rewards for the most dedicated app members.

The GESKE approach

Traditionally, the average consumer has always turned to creams to realize his dream of flawless skin, while the more privileged segment of society frequents clinics and dermatologists for invasive cosmetic procedures and surgical interventions. With a penetration percentage of just 0.3%, creams and other skincare products are wasted on your skin, UNLESS you combine them with beauty devices that enhance their absorption and use various technologies to reverse the effects of aging and the elements on your skin. Until now, very few such devices have been put on the market, and those that are available come at such a high price that they are out of reach for most beauty seekers.