October 13, 2022

Streptococcus test (Streptest)

New Service at Maguire Pharmacy: Strep Throat Test Sampling

Our health care professionals in the laboratory are now able to take throat swabs to test for Group A Streptococcus, which causes a painful throat infection. 

If you are experiencing symptoms that could be caused by Group A Strep, your doctor may consider ordering a test to validate that the bacteria is present. 

The sample for this rapid test can be taken directly at the Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacy on Maguire Avenue. Depending on the result, the laboratory team will complete the antibiotic prescription made by your doctor. 

Ideally : You must first obtain an antibiotic prescription from your doctor which we will fill if the test is positive.


There is a fee for this collection service offered in pharmacies.