Be healthy for a long time!

Everyone ages, but aging well is a choice.

Did you know that nowadays, population aging is a worldwide phenomenon? In Québec, approximately 1 in 5 people are 65 years old and over and according to the trend, it will be 1 in 4 people in 2030! Why? Because, as time goes by, people are living longer and longer.

So, it is clear that being 65 is not what it was 30 or 40 years ago! Older people are more active than they used to be and want to stay that way for as long as possible. Whether you are pre-retired, retired or working, it is important to know the factors that contribute to a lasting quality of life. That's why Familiprix has created this guide to help you make the right choices for a long and healthy life.

"You can't stop yourself from getting old, but you can stop yourself from being old." - Henri Matisse

Table of contents

  • All about healthy lifestyles
  • Chronic disease
  • Age and declining senses
  • Beware of falls
  • Bladder weakness: Eliminate your preconceived notions!
  • Vaccination: Prevention is better than a cure!
  • Your healthcare professionals: Support for long-term health!
  • A new home adapted to your lifestyle
  • Ageism: A word about elder abuse
  • Sources and useful links
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