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Take care of your ears!

You may take them for granted, but your ears work hard for you every day—helping you hear and keep your balance. It’s important to understand how they work and what can go wrong with them. That’s why Familiprix created this short health guide, “Take Care of Your Ears!” It’s a handy tool to help you care for your ears so they stay healthy and problem-free!

Table of contents

  • Understanding and Taking Care of Your Ears
  • A Daily Routine for Safe, Effective Ear Cleaning
  • Sorry, Could You Repeat That?
  • Detecting Hearing Loss in a Child
  • Can It Be Treated, Doctor?
  • Mom, My Ears Hurt!
  • Help, I Have Vertigo!
  • Ears—A Fashion Statement?
  • Why Are My Ears Plugged Up?
  • References
Download this PSST guide in PDF format
Go to your local Familiprix pharmacy to pick up a print version of this PSST! guide. It’s free!