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Dyslexia is a learning disorder that can hinder reading, writing, and spelling.


Gaining a better understanding of dyslexia

What do Edison, Einstein, Churchill, Rodin and Disney have in common? These great men made history while battling a developmental disorder called dyslexia. The disorder is fairly common, since dyslexia affects about 10% of the population, with 1 or 2% of those cases being severe. Boys are three times as likely as girls to be dyslexic, and the condition is also more common among left-handed individuals than right-handed ones. Despite its high prevalence, dyslexia remains largely unknown among the general public. What is dyslexia and what are the various types? What are some of the common signs and causes of the disorder? How can you help a child affected by dyslexia? This column will provide an overview of a developmental disorder that people know too little about.
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