Why Familiprix?

At Familiprix Inc., we believe that the pharmacy of the future will be more humane, more innovative and, more than anything, centred on its primary mission: the health of our patients. We believe that pharmacists can and must play a greater role in the daily lives of their patients to improve their quality of life. It is for this reason that we are constantly working to reinvent our know-how, improve the services we offer, and build the pharmacy of tomorrow—today.

A pharmacy that

has a more human approach,

Familiprix affiliated pharmacists have chosen the banner because they have made it their mission to go a step further in supporting their patients on a daily basis and playing a more active role in improving their health and that of their loved ones.

Encourage a 100% Quebec banner.

Familiprix is the only banner in Québec that is 100% owned by its pharmacists. With 400 branches and over 6000 colleagues that work across the province, the Familiprix family is close to you to listen and support you.

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With or without an appointment, you can talk to your pharmacist!

Do you have a concerns about a health-related issue that you would like to discuss? At any time, you can talk to your pharmacist without booking an appointment.

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You can also make an appointment for a multitude of services at your pharmacy. Do you need a travel health advice, a vaccine, a prescription or even the services of a nurse?

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Through our health mission, pharmacists affiliated with Familiprix are committed to caring for people beyond consultations. They are actively involved in creating articles that focus on one of their main priorities: preventative care.

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Independent and proud of it

Familiprix supports the independence of owner pharmacists who put people at the heart of patient care. These health professionals with entrepreneurial spirits build neighbourhood pharmacies that are true health destinations, where clients can receive a wide range of personalized healthcare services.

A pharmacy

is innovative,

Innovation has always been part of Familiprix’s DNA. We believe that it is always possible to do more for people’s health. Our strength is our unity in our independence through innovation and having our own prescription software, our own distribution centres in Québec City, our own POS software, our own mobile applications and our own digital platforms.

Focused on its mission:

your health.

Every day, Familiprix completely embraces its mission to enable healthcare professionals adopt a central role in the care of their patients. Our three-pronged strategy focuses on caring for patients’ health, offering a humane approach to pharmaceutical services, and fosteing innovation. We believe that the priority of a pharmacy is to offer a wide range of services, advice and products to improve the lives of patients, from the sound recommendations of pharmacists affiliated with Familiprix to personalized follow-ups to connected tools.

All of Familiprix’s services and connected tools must reflect its values and ensure that pharmacisits are there, at the right time, for the health of all. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure!

Cosmetics are also skincare

A radiant appearance begins with healthy skin. Familiprix offers a wide range of beauty and dermocosmetic products. Our vast selection is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, such as LongCils Bongza pharmaceutical cosmetics, which are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

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From health to philanthropy.

For the past 27 years, Familiprix has been committed to the cause of sick children and continues its philanthropic commitment to Opération Enfant Soleil in various ways throughout the year. The numerous initiatives, continued dedication of pharmacist owners and fundraising activities organized by Familiprix’s headquarters have enabled the company to donate more than $14 million and earn the distinction of Entreprise Enfant Soleil - Diamond Category.

About Familiprix and Opération Enfant Soleil

A place to consult with a pharmacist

The health guides and tools associated with patiens’ Health Profiles allow pharmacist owners affiliated with Familiprix to better care for their patients. Pharmacist owners can therefore focus on their main mission: to assit patients in optimizing treatments, offer preventative care and ensure that medications are properly taken.