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Advantages and disadvantages of dry shampoos

Published on August 2, 2018 at 19:26 / Updated on September 24, 2018 at 15:07

Dry shampoos can come in handy when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but make sure you use them correctly in order to avoid certain problems.

For a refreshed look

Although they’re called dry shampoos, these products are not really shampoos, since they contain no cleansing agents. Rather, they contain powders (and sometimes alcohol) that act by absorbing or diluting the excess sebum on our hair. This results in cleaner-looking hair, without an actual wash.

These products are available in loose powder, aerosol, or mousse form, all to be applied to dry hair (never on wet hair).  They come in several varieties, e.g. tinted to be less visible on dark hair, volumizing, scented, organic, etc. 

Advantages of dry shampoos

  • They can lengthen the time between regular shampoos. This is beneficial, since washing your hair too often can dry it out. 
  • By washing your hair less often, you also reduce the use of heating implements (e.g. hairdryer, curling or straightening iron) that can damage your hair.
  • Dry shampoos often have a volumizing effect, which can help keep your hair styled longer.
  • Wetting and shampooing hair makes coloured hair fade faster. 
  • They are useful when travelling or during a hospital stay.

Disadvantages of dry shampoos

  • Using dry shampoos too abundantly or frequently can lead to an accumulation of residue that can give your hair a coarse texture.
  • Overuse can also dry the hair by preventing natural oils from hydrating the hair, which can make it more brittle. 
  • Dry shampoo residue can block the pores of the scalp, which can cause inflammation or breakouts.
  • The residue can also become a perfect breeding ground for the formation of dandruff.
  • If scented, the fragrance may irritate certain scalps.

Proper use of dry shampoos

  • Separate the hair into sections and apply a small amount of dry shampoo to the roots.
  • If you are using an aerosol form, hold the container 30 cm away from your scalp when spraying. 
  • Massage the scalp to spread the product to all the roots.
  • Wait a few minutes for the product to take effect, then brush or comb your hair.

Frequency of use

It may seem tempting to use dry shampoos every day, thinking that it’s better for your hair than regular shampoos, but that isn’t the case. Dermatologists generally recommend not using dry shampoos more than two days in a row. Our hair and scalp need to be washed with a mild shampoo regularly in order to remove impurities, including dry shampoo residue.

The verdict?

When used properly, dry shampoos can temporarily revive your hair until you have time to do a regular shampoo.

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