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Aging well: how to accept and cope with old age?

Published on June 13, 2022 at 17:37

Old age is synonymous with physiological, psychological and physical changes. The rate at which abilities decline with age depends on several factors directly related to each individual's lifestyle, habits, and behaviours.

This means that as we age, other kinds of challenges arise. Familiprix in collaboration with Vie de grands-parents, have a few strategies to help you age healthily and with peace of mind! It's best to accept and prepare for aging by adopting a healthy lifestyle!

Getting old

It is sometimes difficult to adapt to the reality of aging. It's best to look on the bright side and try to find solutions to minor inconveniences. Have you ever faced this kind of situation? For example:

  • Do you sometimes have trouble with your smartphone's countless functions and applications? Do you want to take a picture but are taking a video? Don't worry; you’re not alone. Ask your grandchildren for help, and they will be happy to help and spend some time with you!
  • Do you fall asleep earlier at night? If so, you should get up earlier in the morning, sometimes at dawn, or even before the birds start singing! Don't hesitate to take a mid-day nap if you feel tired!

Fear of aging

Since no one can stop time, it's best to be as at peace as possible with getting older. Fortunately, some tips can help you on your journey, including:

Accept and love yourself

Getting older brings physical changes, but it doesn't mean you become ugly. Your wrinkles are synonymous with wisdom and experience. They bring out your beautiful personality.

Feel useful

Getting older can be scary if you feel useless. Know that there are many ways to feel valuable as you age, such as sharing your experience or background, babysitting your grandchildren, volunteering, etc.

Eliminate regrets

Growing older in peace is the best gift you can give yourself. In this sense, ask for forgiveness from the people you have hurt and show your love regularly to the people you cherish.

Adopt a better attitude about death

Getting older brings us closer to the final stage of life: death. It's normal to be anxious about it, but you can feel better about it. Reflect on your past accomplishments and be proud of them! Reading about it can also calm your fears.

Healthy aging

Good coping skills play an essential role in the process of accepting aging. However, some areas of your life require special attention, such as:

Eat healthily

A healthy diet is required throughout a lifetime but becomes more critical as we age. For example, eating various fruits and vegetables helps prevent the aging of the body's cells. Protein foods have a beneficial effect on the muscles, brain and immune system. Eating a healthy diet can even prevent certain diseases.  

Don’t become isolated

Isolation is a threat to people as they age. To counteract this, keep your family ties active, offer your help to those around you or join group activities.

Remain fit

Physical activity among seniors improves mental and physical health. Being active can even relieve some of the discomfort associated with specific health problems. There are daily tasks that allow you to exercise for those who are less athletic, such as gardening, cleaning or taking care of your energetic grandchildren!

Stay optimistic

Positive thinking has a beneficial effect on the body and mind. Optimism prevents stress, anxiety and sleep problems, and certain diseases.

Keep busy

Retirement offers more flexibility in your schedule by giving you time. Continuing to learn and pursue your favourite hobbies keeps your brain active and keeps you young!

Seeing the good in old age

Getting older is not all bad. On the contrary, if you stop for a moment, you will see many advantages! Here are a few of them:

Know yourself better

You learn more about yourself as you get older. With the help of past experiences, successes and failures, it is easier to establish your limits, assert yourself, and know what you want in life now.

Learn to say no

As you get older, knowing yourself better encourages you to say no without remorse. Saying no is not selfish! You realize that respecting and caring for yourself is essential to your well-being.

Make better choices

As you age, your choices are better aligned with who you really are. You then make better decisions for yourself.

Let go of other people's opinions

As you get older, it is normal to seek peace and harmony in your life. There is less need to react, confront or argue with others. It's back to basics!

Being informed, prepared and accepting of the next stage of life are key tools to aging well and aging healthy! Do not hesitate to consult a health professional if you have any questions or concerns.


VIE DE GRANDS-PARENTS. Prendre soin de sa santé après 50 ans. (French only)

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