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The art of wearing false eyelashes

Published on August 18, 2023 at 20:39 / Updated on October 25, 2023 at 13:04

Many skip eye makeup because it requires a certain amount of practice and technique. Some skip it because they are short of time. That said, mascara is the step that no one wants to neglect as people are always on the lookout for longer and thicker eyelashes to make their eyes truly stand out. Fake eyelashes can level up your look even more. But how should you apply them? Read on to find out!

The "made-to-measure" look for your eyes

You'll find two main types of false eyelashes on the market. The first type will give you lift and a cat-eye effect; these feature shorter inner lashes and gradually longer ones as you move outwards. 

false eyelashes - lift and a cat-eye effect

Vous avez aussi l’option d’un faux cil qui arrondira la forme de votre œil et donnera un effet plus grand; les parties internes et externes du faux cil sont plus courtes et celles du centre plus longues.

false eyelashes - larger effect

Many brands will also give you the choice of opting for a full lash on a strip for application over the entire eye, a half lash to apply to the outer corners, or even small clusters to apply in more strategic places.

Preparation and application

Once you've selected your false lashes and are ready to apply them, make sure your natural lashes are clean, free of mascara and that your eye makeup is finished. Applying false lashes should be the last step when getting ready.

  1. Remove the false lashes from their casing by gently pulling (with your fingers or tweezers) at the base. Do not pull too hard on the lashes.
  2. There will always be a little glue on the false eyelash when you remove it; this is there to hold it in place in the case. Remove it with your fingers; it shouldn't be too hard. If you don't remove this residue, you'll feel it after application and it may cause discomfort.
  3. If you opt for a false eyelash on a strip, it's important to trim it for your comfort and, above all, to respect the length of your eyes. It's rare for a false eyelash to be "perfectly" ready and trimmed for your eyes. Without glue, place the false lash on the base of your natural lashes, leaving a few millimetres free on the inner corner of your eyes. A full false lash should cover about 3/4 of your natural lash for greater comfort. If you cover the entire base of your lashes, you'll feel a slight discomfort/stinging sensation when you blink. This is an indicator that you haven't trimmed the false lash enough. You'll notice that the outer tips of the false lash extend beyond the base of your natural outer lashes. Little by little, trim the outside of the false lash using an eyebrow scissor.
  4. Once you've trimmed the false lash, you're ready to glue it on. We suggest white glue for sensitive eyes, which will dry and become transparent. This way, if the glue ends up slightly on your eyelid, it'll go unnoticed. If you consider yourself a pro or want a liquid eyeliner effect with false eyelashes, you can opt for black glue. But remember that the application must be flawless because if it's not, everyone will notice it. Ensure you apply a thin layer of glue only on the false lash band, not the hair. Be a little more generous on the outer and inner corners too. Once you've applied the glue, wait 15-20 seconds for it to thicken and dry slightly. If you're not patient and apply too quickly, the lash will slide over the base of the lashes, and the glue will spread. Hold the false lash from its center using your fingers or tweezers and place it as close as possible to the base of your natural lashes. Take a few seconds to adjust/slip into place. You're done!
  5. After a few minutes, you can curl your lashes and apply a thin coat of mascara. By using an eyelash curler, the tool will fuse your natural lashes to the false lashes, giving them a more subtle finish. You'll need to use less mascara with false lashes. Add mascara sparingly.


You can reuse your false lashes a dozen times if you're careful when removing them. We suggest you use an oil-free make-up remover to avoid damaging the false lashes, and once removed, get rid of the excess glue and leave them to dry. You'll be ready to reapply them whenever you like.

The art of false eyelashes requires a little practice and familiarization with your products. However, you'll rock a gorgeous look every time once you've mastered the technique!

By Jean-François Casselman-Dupont in collaboration with Familiprix.

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