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Balancing festivities, pleasure and diabetes

Published on October 21, 2016 at 14:43 / Updated on April 29, 2021 at 20:14

Diabetes never takes a holiday. However, with the right planning, diabetics can fully enjoy the Holidays without putting their health at risk.

The month of December often features a series of heavy meals. Here are some tips that can help diabetics enjoy culinary pleasures without impacting their diabetes management:
- Many classic dishes like turkey are totally acceptable – it’s all a question of quantity!
- Take small portions and go for seconds if necessary.
- When hosting, consider planning your menu so that persons who are watching what they eat will also find something to suit them.
- Avoid chips, appetizers and other treats offered between meals.
- Don’t hesitate to eat a healthy snack in the afternoon to avoid being ravenous at dinner.
- If a buffet is served, stay away from it once you have fixed your plate.
- Opt for low-calorie beverages such as water (flat or carbonated), unsweetened teas and “diet” soft drinks. Limit your alcohol intake.
- For many, desserts can be a great temptation. Take small portions and remember that you don’t need to taste everything!
- Take advantage of the fact that you are surrounded by your loved ones to take part in active leisure activities. Why not go for a walk after a meal, go snowshoeing or play a little game of boot hockey?

Germs are transmitted more rapidly during the Holidays. Pay special attention to washing your hands regularly. Get the seasonal flu vaccine.

Many people travel away from home during the Holidays. Even though this may disrupt your routine, it’s important to maintain your good habits. Make sure you always carry a current list of your medication, along with contact information for your pharmacy. Your pharmacist can easily print a complete summary for you.

Whenever you travel, especially in the winter, bring more medication and supplies than you plan to use (ideally twice as much). That way, no need to panic if your return is delayed by an extra day!

If you have more specific questions on your diabetes management, don’t hesitate to speak to your pharmacist!

Happy Holidays!

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