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The best contouring techniques for stunning makeup

Published on December 2, 2022 at 17:33

Face contouring techniques have always been very popular. You may be looking to refine and soften your features—but may think it is too complicated and only reserved for the pros. This is especially the case if you lack the products, knowledge and time. However, there are sev-eral tips and tricks that can help you in your quest for contouring techniques.

An optional technique

Just like your choices in clothing, the choice to wear a “smoky eye,” or even yellow nail polish, contouring is your choice and is completely optional. Not everyone needs it, although it’s more of an option for those who have a little more time and a bit more expertise in makeup. Don't feel like you have to include these techniques in your routine. Do it only if your heart tells you!

Bronzer is not a contour

One of the most common mistakes is to use your bronzer product as a contouring product. Each product is used for a different reason and creates an equally different effect. A bronzer is used when you want to appear more tanned; it gives your face a warmer tone. A contour product, on the other hand, is used to redefine or soften certain facial features. This should mimic the effect of a shadow on your face, in a neutral or cooler tone.

Your bone structure

When you want to apply a contouring technique, you must first remember that everyone is unique. We all have different skin types, skin tones, face shapes, and, most importantly, bone structures. How someone with a small, squarish face applies this technique will be different from someone with a rounder face. It's all about taking the time, observing your face, and iden-tifying what you would like to slightly modify.

The most common contouring areas

Despite the fact that you must understand facial features before undertaking this technique, there are a few more common areas in terms of contouring that adapt very well for most peo-ple. Take the underside of your cheekbones, for example. To define your cheekbones, apply our contouring product beginning with the upper part of your ear and following your bone structure. You can also “shrink” your forehead, if you feel the need, by applying the same product to your temples and upper forehead/hairline. The underside and along the jawline are other areas to consider. However, make sure to apply the product very sparingly to avoid an overly drastic look.

Textures and finishes

Although liquid and cream textures are still new on the market in terms of blush, bronzer and contour, they will give you a more natural finish. The application will also be easier. Certainly, a powder product will do the trick, and the application will be the same, but once you’ve learnt how to use the creams, you’ll see the difference. Be sure to choose malleable and somewhat transparent products. Above all, equip yourself with a brush or two that will facilitate the ap-plication. An angled blush brush is ideal for contouring. A bronzer brush will be too big and will lack definition. It’s also best to warm the product well on a palette or the back of your hand before applying it to your face to facilitate blending.

Take time to carefully select your products and analyze your face when you’re ready to em-bark on contouring techniques. Also, remember that, above all else, makeup should bring you a sense of joy and confidence. You can remove, replace, add and start over as many times as you want. With a little time and practice, we're sure you'll creatively develop your makeup skills.

By Jean-François Casselman-Dupont in collaboration with Familiprix.

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