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Demystify antiperspirants and deodorants

Published on June 8, 2022 at 18:26 / Updated on June 13, 2022 at 12:40

Deodorant, antiperspirant... What's the difference between these two essential products that we keep in our bathroom cabinets? Let's take a closer look at how each one works, and which one is best for you so you can enjoy the summer while staying fresh and dry!


Since antiperspirants block the sweat glands to minimize sweating in the armpits, they are perfect for active people or those who perspire excessively. Antiperspirants are also a real lifesaver when you're nervous (the dreaded presentations at the office), if you're wearing a nice top that you want to protect from sweat stains, or when you need to feel confident and comfortably dry!


Unlike antiperspirants that are effective against both sweat and odour, traditional or natural deodorants are only effective against odour. Antiperspirant offers protection from moisture if you're active or if you're hot, whereas deodorant, while it makes you smell good, won't stop you from sweating. Armpits are the only areas on your body that don’t have good air circulation, so perspiration in that area can be more of a problem, leading to the development of bacteria that contribute to the infamous B.O. we'd all like to avoid! However, don't worry; armpits produce about 1% of the body's sweat, which means that even if the sweat glands are blocked there, your body sweat will escape from other parts of your body.

The Different Ways to Apply Them

Antiperspirants and deodorants come in many forms, including sprays and sticks. Both have their own benefits, and both are equally effective in protecting you from sweat and odour. Sprays are easy to apply and leave no visible residue on the skin, making them ideal when you're on the go, like after a session at the gym, on the way to school to pick up the kids, or even on your way home from work during a heat wave! They're also great to use when you decide to wear a new sleeveless top and don't want to display white residue on your clothes for all to see. However, if you don't like aerosol application, the stick options would be better for you. Stick antiperspirants and deodorants also offer better hydration as they are in direct contact with the skin. The amount of product applied with sticks can fade or settle on clothing throughout the day, so sprays offer a convenient way to combine the benefits of both forms of protection for longer-lasting effects. We recommend that moms who chase the little ones around all day use both!

Antiperspirants Degree pour femme UltraClear Black + White 72H Pure Rain

Degree for Women UltraClear Black + White 72H Pure Rain Antiperspirant Stick 48g

Sweat not! This antiperspirant from Degree allows you to live in the moment with full confidence. It helps prevent sweat stains on your favourite white shirt or black dress, without leaving white residue, all while keeping you dry for 72 hours. Plus, Degree UltraClear Black + White 72H Antiperspirant features a new micro-technology that offers twice the sweat and odour protection of a basic antiperspirant. And that's not all! Also formulated with Degree's exclusive MotionSense® technology, it releases fresh bursts of Pure Rain fragrance with a floral twist whenever you move. You'll smell great from morning till night! Available in 48 g and 74 g sticks and 107 g spray, this super antiperspirant helps you tackle whatever the day throws at you. Feel invincible with a Degree product that will never let you down!

Dove Care by Plants Sandalwood Deodorant

Dove Care by Plants Sandalwood Deodorant

Looking for a new deodorant for women? Here's a Dove deodorant you'll love! What makes the Dove Care by Plants formula different? Its effectiveness! In this new line of 99% natural, vegan deodorants, each plant-based ingredient has been carefully sourced to care for your skin while fighting odour for 24 hours. With non-irritating and absorbent corn and arrowroot starch, moisturizing shea butter extracts, sunflower seed, and coconut oil properties, this is a deodorant you can truly count on to keep you comfortable. The sandalwood scent, with its warm, woody notes, gives off a soothing aroma with every move you make. It will quickly become a favourite in your daily routine! Each deodorant in the Dove Care by Plants line contains 100% natural fragrances, and is presented in almost 100% recycled packaging. Approved by dermatologists, certified cruelty-free by PETA, effective, and environmentally friendly? That's a win-win!

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Really natural. Really works; that's Schmidt's motto! As Canada's #1 natural deodorant brand, they offer 24-hour odour protection for optimal freshness. Made with 100% natural ingredients such as essential oils, odour-fighting charcoal, and magnesium, this deodorant is aluminum-free, paraben-free, artificial fragrance-free, Ecocert certified, vegan, and animal cruelty-free. This line is also available in a multitude of natural fragrances, each more delightful than the last, to suit all tastes! How can you not love a natural deodorant that actually works in addition to being good for your skin? Try Schmidt's and you'll love it!

Now that you know which is the best antiperspirant or deodorant for you, sweat stains can be a thing of the past!

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