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Innovative glucose monitoring technology leads to better diabetes management

Published on June 8, 2021 at 19:03 / Updated on August 19, 2021 at 12:59

Diabetes is a chronic condition that is often complicated to manage. Innovative technology, such as Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 flash glucose monitoring system, has transformed diabetes management, including eliminating the need for painful finger pricks.

A better understanding of your glucose levels

Glycemic control (the management of glucose levels) remains the cornerstone of proper diabetes management for those living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Flash glucose monitoring systems like Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 system help to make informed diabetes treatment decisions. The system measures, displays and stores glucose readings that can be accessed by the user and their doctor without the need to obtain a blood sample from a finger prick.

Freestyle Libre 2

The FreeStyle Libre 2 system includes a small, discreet Ω sensor, about the size of a Toonie, worn on the back of the upper arm. The sensor is easy to apply and can be worn for up to 14 days. With a painless« one second scan using a compatible smartphone and the free, FreeStyle Libre 2 app×, users can see their current glucose reading, an 8-hour history and trend arrow. The trend arrows allow users to see where their glucose level has been, where it is now and where it’s going.

Optional alarms for peace of mind

The FreeStyle Libre 2 system continuously measures glucose data every minute* with customizable, optional real-time alarms¥ to alert users when their glucose is too high or too low, without the need to scan.

Kid and toys

For parents and caregivers who help a young child (aged 4 or older) or a loved one manage their diabetes, this helps to reduce the stress associated with diabetes management. They can rest assured that they will be alerted in real-time of critical events, such as hypoglycemia (low glucose levels) or hyperglycemia (high glucose levels).

The FreeStyle Libre 2 system also makes it easy for parents and caregivers to stay connected with their loved ones, remotely±. Using the LibreLinkUpØ app on their compatible mobile phone, parents and caregivers can receive glucose readings, trend arrows, a 12-hour history, and optional alarm notifications. This means, for example, that whether their child is at home or a friend’s house, they can help manage their diabetes.

More freedom to be active and enjoy life

According to Diabete Québec1, exercise reduces stress and increases self-esteem, increases energy levels, improves physical fitness and provides a feeling of wellbeing. It is an important part of our day-to-day lives.

For people living with diabetes, physical activity and exercise impact glucose levels. Therefore, whether they are on the ice playing hockey or enjoying a bike ride, it is important for them to be able to check their glucose levels. The FreeStyle Libre 2 system allows users to scan anytimeε, anywhereϐ, making it easy Ω and convenient to keep track of glucose levels on the go. What’s more, the FreeStyle Libre 2 system can be scanned even through clothingˆ. This means you don’t have to stop what you are doing to wash your hands and prick your finger ∞. You can simply pause for a 1-second scan to check your glucose levels.

Sporty woman

Proper diabetes management to help avoid long-term complications

More than 10 percent of Canadians2 live with a diabetes diagnosis and the chronic condition can reduce life expectancy by 5 to 15 years if not managed properly. Therefore, diabetes management – including proper glucose management – is key to preventing long-term complications and hospitalization. Innovative technology, like the FreeStyle Libre 2 flash glucose monitoring system, help simplify this often complicated-to-manage condition and is accessible and affordableλ for those living with diabetes.

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This article was paid for by Abbott Diabetes Care, a manufacturer of diabetes care products in Canada. ADC-39710

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≠ The FreeStyle Libre 2 flash glucose monitoring system is indicated for measuring interstitial fluid glucose levels in children aged 4 years and older and adults with diabetes mellitus. Always read and follow the label/insert. 

∞ Finger pricks are required if readings do not match symptoms or expectations.

× The FreeStyle Libre 2 app and the FreeStyle Libre 2 reader have similar but not identical features. Finger pricks are required if readings do not match symptoms or expectations. The FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor communicates with the FreeStyle Libre 2 reader that started it or the FreeStyle Libre 2 app that started it. The FreeStyle Libre 2 app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check the website for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of FreeStyle Libre 2 requires registration with LibreView.

*60-minute warm-up required when applying the sensor

¥The FreeStyle Libre 2 system has optional glucose alarms. Alarms need to be turned on in order to receive low and high glucose alarms.

± Use of FreeStyle Libre 2 app requires registration with LibreView. Automatic upload requires a wireless internet connection or mobile data connection.

ØThe LibreLinkUp app is only compatible with certain mobile device and operating systems. Please check for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of LibreLinkUp and FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView. The LibreLinkUp mobile app is not intended to be a primary glucose monitor: home users must consult their primary device(s) and consult a healthcare professional before making any medical interpretation and therapy adjustments from the information provided by the app. 

ΩData on file, Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.

« Haak, Thomas., et al. Flash glucose-sensing technology as a replacement for blood glucose monitoring for the management of insulin-treated type 2 diabetes: a multicenter, open-label randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Therapy 8.1 (2017): 55-73.

ˆ The reader can capture data from the sensor when it is within 1 cm to 4 cm of the sensor

ε60-minute warm-up required when applying the sensor

ϐ Sensor is water resistant in up to 1 meter (3 feet) of water Do not immerse longer than 30 minutes. Not to be used above 10,000 feet

λBased on a comparison of the currently available list price of the FreeStyle Libre 2 Glucose Monitoring System versus competitors' CGM systems. The actual cost to patients may vary depending on the individual patient's plan design coverage, if any

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