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Men's beards: A 4-step shaving process

Published on May 26, 2023 at 12:51

A beard is not just the hairs that appear on your face. It is part of your appearance and your personality. Shaving a man's beard requires attention to detail, creativity and discipline! Here are some tips for an optimized shaving routine in 4 steps!

Step 1 - Cleanse and moisturize

King C. Gillette - Beard and face wash

The first step, which is often neglected, is cleansing your skin with a special product. We recommend that you use the King C. cleanser from Gillette. Once the cleanser is applied to your face, lather it up to remove impurities and dead skin. This cleanser will leave your skin feeling soft and fresh—all while softening your beard hair. This simple but very effective step is ideal for moisturizing your skin to minimize nicks and cuts as well as irritation during the shaving process.

Step 2 - Apply shaving gel

King C. Gillette - Transparent shave gel

Now it's time to apply shaving gel or foam to your clean beard. We love the King C. Transparent Shave Gel. Gillette's transparent shaving gel is available in a non-foaming formula. You read correctly. This gel does not foam! We love its skin-softening and moisturizing properties. We also appreciate especially its smooth texture, which will help you trim your beard with even more precision.

Step 3 - Shave

King C. Gillette - Double-edged safety razor

The crucial stage of shaving has finally arrived. With its chrome metal look, the iconic King C. razor is sure to please. Gillette's iconic King C. Collection will become your new go-to shaving products. They will give you the most satisfying shaving experience with ultimate precision. This double-edged safety razor is great for trimming sideburns and strong beard contours.

To answer the age-old question, do you shave along the grain or against the grain? The answer is both. Facial hair grows in many directions. So you'll be shaving along the grain and against the grain at different times in your routine. Opt for comfort and the direction that feels right to you.

Pro tip

Don't forget to rinse your blade regularly. Avoid banging your razor against the sink. This can damage the parts of your razor that are designed for optimal results!

Step 4 - Apply after-shave moisturizer or beard oil

King C. Gillette - Soft beard balm and beard iol

Once you've shaved, the routine isn't quite over yet. Now that your beard is shaved, you can rinse your face and then gently pat it dry. For a handsome, soft and smooth beard, it is recommended to apply an after-shave moisturizer or beard oil.

For a short beard, you can simply moisturize it. King C. Beard Oil. Gillette’s beard oil will be your finishing touch. It is enriched with argan, jojoba, avocado, almond and macadamia seed oils to help moisturize the dry skin underneath your beard.

For a longer beard, we suggest using an aftershave like King C. Soft Beard Balm. It's made with rich cocoa butter, argan oil and shea butter to give your beard a silky smooth appearance. Applied directly to the beard, this product acts as a leave-in conditioner and styling wax! 

So there you have it! Now it is time for you to try the four steps to a simple and effective shaving routine!

Written in collaboration with Gillette

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