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Makeup 101 for teens

Published on August 8, 2023 at 19:15

Adolescence can be an emotionally-charged time of highs, lows and, above all, changes. It's the time when your teenager begins their journey towards autonomy and uncovering their true personality. Here's our guide on teen makeup 101 to introduce your kids to the world of cosmetics.

The importance of a skincare routine

The first step in equipping your teenager is offering them products for a suitable skincare routine. This will help them improve and treat their skin and show them the principles of following a set routine, which can be useful for other everyday tasks. The skincare routine doesn’t have to be overly complicated; however, it is important to cover the basics, including cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. If your teen is excited about the skincare routine, you could even add exfoliation as a step. If you know your way around skincare, make sure you choose the right products and ingredients for your teen’s skin type, explaining why they are important. If you are unsure about the products you should use, just stop by your local Familiprix. Your cosmetician will be happy to create a customized routine.

Introduction to makeup

First, we recommend concealer, which can correct dark circles, even out their skin tone, reduce redness and so on. Concealer is very versatile for preparing your teen’s face for other makeup.

We recommend BB creams and tinted sun creams to even out the complexion without providing too much coverage. These will even out the complexion naturally, all while letting your teen’s skin breathe. Opt for an oil-free formula to manage shine and sebum excess.

Tinted lip glosses and lip balms add a little colour and moisture to the lips without the dry, overly made-up effect that a pencil and lipstick can bring to a teenager. What's more, some formulas can also be used on the cheeks!

When it comes to eye pencils and mascara, why not choose a brown one to start? Not only is it a soft, natural shade, but your teenager will be able to familiarize themself with different techniques, avoiding a Picasso-like result. They can graduate to other colours once they are used to brown eye pencils and mascara!

The importance of makeup removal

Skincare and makeup are naturally the first things that come to mind when showing your teen their routine. But don’t skimp on showing them makeup removal. Removing all traces of makeup with a good makeup remover is important before moving on to cleansing their skin at night. A quality makeup remover will get rid of all cosmetic residue, colours, and grease from your teen’s face. Many experts are partial to micellar waters and makeup remover wipes, which make the whole process quick and effective. Remember that a makeup remover is NOT a cleanser, but a product that removes makeup, which is why your teen will need to continue with their skincare routine after this step.

Introducing your teen to the world of beauty shouldn't be a challenge—and it's definitely optional. Your teen can learn as much as they want about cosmetics, test products, and have fun with textures and colours. Above all, makeup is a personal choice! They have to do it for themselves. Once your teen realizes what they like and don’t like about makeup, the rest is a piece of cake!

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