Published on September 22, 2020 at 15:00

Wearing a mask is now part of our daily lives as it helps protect others. However, it can also cause some problems, such as fogging up your glasses or being very inconvenient for those who wear makeup.

Wearing a mask for a long time can also cause some skin problems, such as irritation and pimples. In fact, when a mask is worn for a long time, your skin can suffer. When your skin is not well oxygenated, there is an excess production of sebum that can lead to clogged pores and pimples.

This phenomenon has now become so common that the term "maskne" is now used.  

So how do you avoid these inconveniences? 

Wear your mask only when necessary. Sometimes you’ll forget to remove it when you’re allowed. When you are alone, let your skin breathe. It will thank you for it!

  • If you wear makeup, opt for non-comedogenic makeup.
  • Care for your skin with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type.
  • Moisturize your skin well with a cream after washing it.
  • Wash your mask regularly if it is made of fabric and change it as soon as it becomes wet or soiled.  

Remember that in-pharmacy experts can provide tips to help you out. Whether it is a dermatology guide to assist in choosing a skin cream or even your favourite pharmacist who can help treat those darned pimples, Familiprix has got you covered!

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