Sun protection – don’t forget your eyes!

Did you know that the sun’s UV rays can contribute to the formation of cataracts and the development of macular degeneration? Not only can good sunglasses cut the glare caused by the sun, they should also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Here are some tips for choosing the right sun lenses for your needs.

The lens shade

Choosing the shade of your lenses is mainly a question of how you prefer colours to be modified. If you want lenses that don’t alter colour perception very much, choose grey or green lenses. Brown lenses, on the other hand, increase contrast. Pastel colours (blue, pink, yellow or orange) tend to distort colours.

Brightness reduction is proportional to the intensity of the tint. Very dark lenses block more light, but also darken your vision. They are recommended mainly for very sensitive eyes or for situations where glare poses a risk.

Polarized lenses are also a good option to cut glare. Since polarization is not dependent on lens darkness, even lighter polarized shades can provide good protection against glare.

Protection against UV rays

The shade and darkness of the lenses do not guarantee adequate protection against UV rays. Make sure the product label mentions both UVA and UVB protection.

Glass or polycarbonate lenses?

The type of material (e.g. glass or polycarbonate) does not have an impact on the degree of sun protection. It is more relevant to the type of activity you plan to do with your sunglasses. Polycarbonate and other plastic lenses are recommended for sports and activities where there is a risk of impact.

Do you need to pay more for good sunglasses?

Not necessarily! As with other consumer goods, the price of sunglasses increases along with the popularity of the brand. Somewhere between “designer” brands and “flea-market” finds, you can find good-quality sunglasses at affordable prices. The important thing is to make sure the product label mentions both UVA and UVB protection, and to take the time to try on a few models in order to find one that is well-fitted and comfortable.

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