Published on April 14, 2021 at 19:34 / Updated on April 21, 2021 at 15:54

Almost 3 in 10 people in Canada are family caregivers, or more than eight million people, according to the most recent Statistics Canada study. That’s a lot of people. And caring for a loved one is physically, emotionally and financially demanding and can be a source of significant stress. Caregivers experience, as we know, emotional struggles because they feel responsible for the well-being of their loved one. It is all the more important to make it easier for them and to make it more human. TENA's mission is to provide the best products to reduce the impact of incontinence and help those suffering from it to stay active and enjoy life. It therefore chose to support caregivers who are caring for their loved ones by launching a care program adapted to personal hygiene.

The numbers speak for themselves: 1 in 3 women and 1 in 8 men suffer from urinary incontinence. Although the subject remains taboo, it must be understood that with the aging of the population, a growing proportion of Canadians will need to be cared for. But let’s not be frightened by words; the products developed by TENA maintain the dignity of those affected while providing relief to caregivers. Discomfort, irritation or pain will be a thing of the past with a proper treatment program.

TENA Proskin Unisex Briefs

A simple and effective routine

TENA provides solutions to help manage incontinence, removing moisture and promoting cleanliness and hydration. It has developed powerful and easy-to-use tools that will relieve caregivers and make life much more enjoyable for their loved ones. In fact, TENA offers a simple and effective three-step routine, including adjustable unisex brief, washcloths and protective creams to optimize the daily comfort of those requiring care. Because without prevention, a person’s skin won’t stay healthy!

Three steps for peace of mind

1 - Very dry both day and night

TENA Proskin Strech Night Briefs

The first part of providing successful support is the TENA Proskin adjustable unisex briefs for adults, which adapt very well to the wearer’s anatomy in order to prevent urinary leaks. They are fully breathable, which promotes natural protection. Moisture-free skin will keep it healthy and provide the comfortable sensation of feeling dry. Its hook tabs provide an ideal fit to prevent leakage, providing added security and peace of mind. For an enhanced feeling of security during sleep, it is recommended to use the TENA ProSkin STRETCH Night Brief which has comfortable stretch panels while providing excellent anti-leakage protection when lying down.

2 - Always cleaner, with or without water

TENA Proskin Ultra Adult Wipe

By using these adjustable unisex brief, you will have successfully taken the first step in care! Now that the skin is dry, it becomes easier to move on to the cleansing step without worrying about the annoyance of irritation and redness. Adult ProSkin washcloths are designed for a quick, calming cleanse. They are dermo-tested, alcohol-free, aloe-based, and contain vitamin E and chamomile, to bring a level of comfort only natural ingredients can provide. 

TENA Proskin Cleansing Cream

Even more conveniently, the TENA Proskin Cleansing Cream has all the benefits of a cleansing, moisturizing and soothing lotion but can be used without soap, water or rinsing.

3 - Skin protection

TENA Proskin Barrier Cream

Nothing could be easier to help continue a skincare routine as when the skin is drier and cleaner! TENA innovates once again with TENA Proskin Barrier Cream, which keeps the skin's surface dry and protects it from irritation. This fragrance-free cream forms a protective layer to defend the skin against attacks caused by humidity. A blend of natural oils has been added to promote rapid absorption, including jojoba, acacia, sunflower and beeswax.

Respond to needs in prevention

TENA has a vision: to simplify the intimate care routine and manage incontinence with quality products. These are designed to lighten the burden on family caregivers who will feel more supported and better equipped to care for their loved one.

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