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10 tips for planning your Holiday season with young children

Published on October 4, 2022 at 13:20 / Updated on November 10, 2022 at 19:36

The Holiday season is often an exciting and magical period for children. However, it can also be exhausting. It requires some adjustments and preparation to make sure it's a joyful time—not one filled with crying and temper tantrums.

Familiprix, in collaboration with Vie de Parents, offers some practical and friendly tips to help you organize celebrations while respecting your child's needs.

1- Gifts

The key to getting ready is to plan for everything you need, especially with young children. Why not shop for gifts before the Holidays start? If you see something interesting while shopping, buy it, even if it’s in July!

2- Food

Prepare food a few weeks before your celebrations begin! Many meals, such as pies and stews, keep well in the freezer! Just pop the feast in the oven when the guests arrive!

3- Decorations

Buy decorations at the right time! The best time to renew your Christmas decorations is after the Holidays as they are on sale!

Otherwise, there are Christmas stores open all year round!

Family rhythm

The Holidays are often all about activities or visits (french only) se font souvent plus nombreuses durant la période des fêtes. Avec de jeunes enfants, il devient alors important de respecter votre rythme familial.

With young children, it is important to respect your family's rhythm. Give yourself the opportunity to intersperse activities with a day of rest at home. These are wonderful moments to slow down, bond and spend quality time with your family.

5- Separated parents

When parents are separated (french only), detailed organization is key. First of all, it is important to discuss the Holidays between adults in order to find a common ground that will satisfy both parties.

Once you have an outline of the plan, you can then discuss it with your child and give them some freedom to decide (as much as possible, of course!).

6- Stress in children

The Holidays can be stressful (french only) for some children, as their routines are disrupted. Many gatherings, unfamiliar places, and meeting new people can be frightening.

If you see signs of anxiety in your child, allow them to stay back or near you for a while to reassure them. Also, let them know about upcoming outings so they can prepare for them calmly.

7- The bedtime routine

Routine is a secure framework for a child. Even though it's Christmas, it's important to respect certain habits, such as sleeping (french only).

Respect your child's bedtime and naps as much as possible. This will help them more fully enjoy the Holiday season!

When it's time to go to bed, try to stick to his bedtime routine, whether it's singing a song, reading a story, etc.

Don't forget the essential accessories, such as a pacifier, blanket or stuffed animal, to create a safe space for your child and make it easier to sleep.

8- Meals

Meals are often served late in the evening during the Holidays.

Preferably, try to respect your child's meal times. A hungry child often gets grumpy anyway!

Invite them to the table when everyone is ready to eat. They can nibble with you if they are still hungry!

9- Respect your family’s reality

At this time of year, the invitations you receive do not always fit your family’s reality (french only). Allow yourself to politely decline an outing if it ends too late for your children, for example.

You can make suggestions that work for you as well, such as a family outing in lieu of gifts or bringing a dish so that one household doesn't have to do the cooking!

10- Family traditions

This Holiday season, build on the family spirit! Family rituals create lasting memories for children and can be as simple as taking a family walk, making a snowman or playing a board game. These are precious moments! Don’t miss out as kids grow fast!

Familiprix and Vie de Parents wish you quality time with your loved ones and enjoy your family values!

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