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Tips for lustrous locks

Published on October 21, 2016 at 14:43 / Updated on May 3, 2021 at 20:28

While the latest hairstyle and hair color trends may look fabulous, the fact is that in the long run, chemical treatments and heated styling devices can damage the hair.

A common misconception about hair is that it is alive. In actual fact, other than new hair growth at the scalp, hair is nonliving and cannot heal itself once it is damaged.

When your hair is damaged, usually by chemical products used to change its appearance, the protective layer of lipids (fat) on the outside of the cuticle is removed. As a result, hair starts to look frizzy and dull.

Here are some tips to keep your hair moisturized:
- Use shampoos and conditioners regularly to improve the appearance of dry, frizzy hair. “Two-in-one” products are good also choices.
- For best results, use shampoo mainly on the scalp.
- Conversely, use conditioner mainly on the ends of your hair, since these products are designed to maintain your hair’s lipid layer.
- Look for products containing dimethicone, which is an ingredient in certain shampoos, conditioners, sprays and creams. It reduces static electricity, improves shine and leaves hair more manageable.
- Try hair serums, products that are applied a few drops at a time and applied to the length of the hair.
- Avoid dyeing your hair, and if you must dye it, opt for a shade that is similar to your hair’s natural colour.

Intense heat damages hair. In a way, it “cooks” the hair and makes it lose its flexibility. For this reason, you should air dry your hair and use curling or straightening irons in moderation.

Straightening your hair comes at a price, no matter what technique you use. If you use chemical products to straighten your hair, space out the treatments as must as possible in order to reduce the damage done to the structure of your hair. If your hair becomes frizzy and brittle, take a break from this procedure and let new hair growth replace damaged hair.

The less you do to your hair, the better it is likely to look in the long term. Why not try leaving your hair in its natural state?

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