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As Valentine's Day nears, let's talk about aphrodisiacs

Published on February 1, 2022 at 14:46 / Updated on June 7, 2022 at 14:03

Curing infertility and enticing procreation were the original goals sought though the consumption of aphrodisiac foods. These days, it's an entirely different story! Instead, aphrodisiacs are used primarily to increase sexual desire. Consequently, these foods are often associated with a romantic dinner, such as strawberries, champagne and chocolate! Here’s a closer look at these foods with aphrodisiac properties.

Pop open the champagne!

In addition to enhancing the evening, alcoholic beverages, such as wine and champagne often act as aphrodisiacs. They increase sexual desire by modifying certain behaviours. Your modesty and embarrassment decrease while, conversely, your self-confidence increases… which suggests a very sizzling evening! On the other hand, don't drink too much, as consuming too much alcohol acts more like a depressant. You could therefore miss out on an amazing evening by soundly falling asleep. Current recommendations suggest a maximum consumption of 3 drinks per day up to a maximum of 15 per week for men, and 2 drinks per day up to a maximum of 10 per week for women. 

Strawberries and chocolate: A classic! 

In addition to being delicious, chocolate is another food recognized for its aphrodisiac properties. This treat promotes the secretion of endorphin, also known as the pleasure hormone! Coffee also contains the same substances. In addition, chocolate contains arginine, an amino acid that is said to have a vasodilator capacity, which promotes the blood flow to certain parts of the body which, during intimacy, reap the benefits of good circulation! Arginine is not the only substance to have a vasodilator effect. The flavonoids present in cocoa are also said to have this effect. Another advantage is that you can add a touch of creativity and sensuality with chocolate, especially in good company! 

Strawberries, on their part, embody the very essence of sensuality. They are completely divine when dipped in chocolate! On the other hand, are they really aphrodisiacs? A study1 recently tested this claim using an “arousal scale.” The individuals to whom the authors suggested that strawberries had an aphrodisiac power rated them as very exciting, while the individuals to whom the authors mentioned that they had no aphrodisiac virtue did not rate them as such. The strawberry is the only fruit to have obtained a marked difference between the two groups. It just goes to show that our prior knowledge and expectations regarding this fruit influence our perception of strawberries’ aphrodisiac powers!

In conclusion, even if all of these elements come together, there must still be romance and love. While they may give you a little boost and put you into a tantalizing mood, these foods won't do all the work for you! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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