Where do lice go in the summer?

During the summer, lice are not less active or hidden in some dark corner.

However, the back-to-school season becomes a perfect time for contagion as children go back their classmates and school activities and group games start again. Contrary to popular belief, lice cannot fly or jump from one head to another, rather they spread by direct contact of hair (head against head) or less frequently by sharing items such as hats, hair accessories, bedding, etc. Head lice live about 30 days and need the scalp to feed and survive, which is why they are usually found within one centimeter of the scalp. That is why they barely survive a day or two on any other surface. The most common symptom of an infestation is undoubtedly itching of the scalp, neck and ears that can even prevent the person from sleeping at night. To avoid lice, advise children not to stick their head on that of their friends, sensitize them not to share hats, brushes or other objects that may have been in contact with the hair and make an inspection of the hair with a fine-toothed head lice comb, ideally once a week, especially during the school year. If you suspect that your child has caught lice, take a moment to see your health care professional who can help you to get rid of it and give you smart advice!

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